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Mikayla Jane Travels is available for various partnerships, and creative projects. Get your brand in front of a targeted audience! Mikayla Jane Travels' audience are open-minded and inquisitive. Wanting to learn more and grow everyday. They want to know the best available to them to make their travels easier, longer, greater, cheaper and more fulfilling! Can your brand help them out? 

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Available opportunities:

Content Creation

Do you need content for your website? Do you need to inspire people to take action with your brand? I can help you!
With extensive knowledge in SEO Content creation and a reputable background of knowledge in the travel genre, I can create content to take your website to the next level! Anything from travel hacks, top ten's, travel inspiration and everyday motivation - I can create engaging content for not only your current readers, but to bring new customers in. Contact me now for rates.

Sponsored Blog Posts, Videos and Social Media Posts

A more natural approach to advertising, these options are perfect for brands looking to get serious about their marketing. Social media and online influencers are taking over as the best way to get your brand noticed for all the right reasons. With 12,000+ engaged followers, now is your chance to get your product/service in front of the right eyes.

Photography and Video

ALL Photos and Videos on Mikayla Jane Travels are original. Do you need a clear, fresh, creative view of your product/service? Something short and sweet to get your message out to the right customers? Need content for your website? Need refreshing and engaging images for your social media? Let's discuss creative solutions!


Do you own a hotel, unique accommodation or retreat? We aim to bring a fresh, unique view of the humble bed to our engaged audience. What makes your bed unique? Let's tell people all about it!

Do you run a travel company / tours / unique travel experience? As with accommodation, let's explore unique ways to see destinations! Mikayla Jane Travels audiences are authentic, genuine and educated people. They travel for experience. They do not travel to party till 5am or to 'drink every beer in a city'. They travel to taste, feel and grow as people. Can you offer a unique, educated experience of a destination? Is it personal, engaging and culturally immersive? We want to put you ahead of the 'touristy' competitors and get people back to REAL travel. Let's get people experiencing new places together!

Do you work for an airline / car rental / transport company? We all need a way to get to our dream destinations. Sometime it's cost that outweighs time. Sometimes it's safety that outweighs speed. How is your transport company unique and accommodating to it's customers needs? Do you offer the best? Do you offer the most comfortable? Do you offer REAL leg room!? I want to tell my audience all about you!

  • Do you own a travel gear / App / accessory company? How does your product make travel easier, cheaper or smarter? I want to know all about it! Let's make travel accessible to everyone!

Giveaways & Competitions

Let's get people inspired to travel! Let's give back to the travelling community to continue spreading love, equality and knowledge! If you have an awesome product that travellers just simply can't leave without, I want to know! Giveaways are a proven win-win for all involved for engagement levels, ROI and business growth. 

Motivational Speaking

Do you have an event that needs some inspiration thrown in amongst the canapés, champagne and training powerpoints?
I have travelled to over 25 countries in the last 4 years, have lived and worked abroad and am now the proud owner of my own business at the age of 23. I'm opinionated, honest and passionate. People trust what I have to say and believe in my actions, looking at my life as inspirational. A great combination for getting a point across. Let's discuss some exciting ideas for your next project!

Ambassadorship / Brand Partnerships

As Mikayla Jane Travels grows, it's backbone will always be honesty and inspiration. Readers trust my voice and vision. A long term partnership is a fantastic way to gain continued growth with a like-minded, real, passionate and ethically conscious brand. 

Got something else in mind? 
Is your mind swirling with many possibilities and ideas? Let me know!
I want to work with you to get your brand moving! 


Just want to chat about travel, life experiences and personal growth? Send me an email! I love meeting like-minded people. I love sharing my knowledge and passion with others. I love learning and continually growing.
Visiting Australia sometime soon? Let's catch up for a coffee! 🙂 

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