Travel Resources

My favourite travel resources that will take your adventures to the next level, with excellent prices, while looking after our planet.


Skyscanner is the ONLY search engine I use to find flights!
A collective of all flight sales sites in one place!
You're guaranteed to get the best rate.


Find the best deal with

This is the site of sites for finding a hotel fast and at the best price. Searching through nearly all sites on the big interweb, you can get the deal you deserve to make you trip a little bit easier!

Airbnb Vouchers are a great travel gift!

Airbnb is a fantastic way to score exclusive, unique accomodation! It's a great alternative to traditional hotels and can save you tonnes of money! A lot of homely features such as a laundry and kitchen are usually included, making it more comfortable for longer stays and slow travel.

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Tours / Travel Companies

Discover the World 300x250

Intrepid is a travel company dedicated to 'real' travel. Tours designed to see, feel and taste authenticity. Home stays, home cooked meals and back street adventures are usually what you'll find with these guys. I traveled through Borneo, climbing Mount Kota Kinabalu with them in 2014 and it has honestly been the best organised tour I have ever done. HIGHLY recommend this company!!