Organic Travel T-Shirts

100% Organic Cotton, Ethically Produced Travel T-shirts

100% Organic Cotton

Support the wonderful planet that we love exploring, by investing in long-lasting, 100% organic cotton apparel that will love you just as much as it loves the Earth that produced it. This material has been produced to ensure comfort and the health of the farmers that grow the Cotton plant. It is soft, durable and practical. The perfect White Tee for any travellers backpack.

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Ethically Produced Materials, Closed Loop Manufacturing Warehouses & Fair Trade Working Environments For All Involved

TeeMill is the manufacturing brand we use to produce this fantastic clothing range. TeeMill is proud to share every step of their T-Shirts lives from seed to your front door. They are highly transparent on where the cotton is sourced, the actual people on the ground picking the cotton, and all the way to how the dyes are made for the prints. There are 24 hour live cameras that you can watch in their warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

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MJT is proud to partner with a brand that is extremely conscious of every step of its business. From using renewable energies in all warehouses, to a closed-loop water system in the dyeing houses, to using low-chemical dyes on all prints... this brand is making it extremely easy for responsible travellers to do good for our beautiful planet.

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" There Is No Planet B "

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