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When life doesn’t go as planned…

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What Happens When Life Doesn't Go As Planned
I had a plan.
A big glorious plan.
I had a timeline, mind map and budget all set out for this plan.
My head was high, my heart was strong and my eyes blaring forward towards this shiny exciting plan.
Then a man came along... and ruined everything!
Here's what happens when life doesn't go as planned.

What Do You Do When Life Doesn't Go As Planned?

A silly, hairy, smelly, big, handsome, glorious, smart, caring, incredible man...... turned my world upside down.

By this time in the year, I wanted to be teaching English in Spain or being a team leader at a youth summer camp in France. I had a savings plan all set up to reach my goal in time. I had emailed every camp in southern France and even had some write back. I looked at flights, Airbnb, wwoofing, couch surfing.... I had a plan.

Lookout at Monaco
When life doesn't go as planned, kiss it out!

But this man, had other plans.
To steal my heart and intrigue my mind beyond control.
And suddenly, I no longer had a plan.
I didn't want to go to Europe for such a long period of time. My savings were labelled differently. I knuckled down into home life and other interests, that were before, being brushed aside.
I had new opportunities in front of me that I had never dreamed of before. I had the prospect of starting my life with the most whole-hearted person I had ever met. So what did I do when my life didn't go to plan?

Kissing in front of a waterfall in NSW Australia

I went with it.
I threw myself into the depths of who knows what. I floated, arms outstretched gliding over any bump, wave or splash that came my way. And all the while with a beaming smile and eager heart.
Why not?
I didn't care what happened next. I was living in the now. I was living for today. I was living for those kisses that calmed my soul and brought my feet back down to earth.
I no longer yearned for tomorrow, next month, the next big thing. Presence was finally reached and it was more important than ever to savour it.Go with the flow. Open your heart to the things that call it.
Follow the vibrations that make you a better person and provide you with a balanced environment.
Ignore negativity and things that bring you down, learn to just let go.

When life doesn't go as planned, ask why not?

I still went to Europe. I still met incredible people and did incredible things.
But it was better. It was better than my plan!
Who knew a silly cootee-covered boy could be so inspirational. I'm so happy. And I know I would never have been this happy if I hadn't of taken one of the biggest chances of my life. When so many other people could see it, and I was ignoring it. He was standing right beside me for so long, hand outstretched just waiting for me to grab it and hold on tight

Drinking cocktails at Hamiltons Oyster Bar

Now I'm holding on tight to one of the greatest adventures of my life - Love.
I still have dreams, goals and plans. My independence, stubbornness and wild aspirations will never disappear. But the future is thought of as flexible, with the wonderful prospect that life may change at any minute.I still want to travel. I still want to follow my blogging dreams. But now, I have the greatest travel and photography buddy along for the ride.
Now, I wouldn't have life any other way. I'm glad my plan was ruined. I'm glad he came along and stomped down all the mind maps, and brought along his canvas of new ones. Here's to the new adventures. Here's to life with love.


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