Ethical Valentine's Day Gifts For Responsible Travellers

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Travellers

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With Valentine's Day around the corner, it's time to show your love some extra love, through an act of kindness. Whether you do it through buying a present for them, paying for a nice meal or simply snuggling up for a night in together, it's hard to escape the romantic buzz in the air. As we look for things to buy our loved ones, I think it's important to think about where our money is going. Is a cheap, meaningless teddy really a grand gesture of our appreciation for our partner? I sure hope not... 

In my quest to bring you more ethical brands and products this year, I begin by sharing with you my top travel items that will really knock the socks (and possibly more) off your partner this Valentine's Day!
Gifts that scream 'I'm responsible, caring, kind, conscious of my actions and respect all beautiful fellow human beings!' Man.. your woman will be left wanting more! This guilt-free list guarantees no wrong choices when picking that special item for your wandering love.

Ultimate Travel Gifts For Valentine's Day

Moeloco Thongs

Moeloco Flip Flop

No, I'm not starting this Valentine's Gift list with something sexual, if that's what you're looking for than you've stumbled upon the wrong blog, sorry! These Thongs (or Flip-Flops for all you non-Aussies) are one of a kind! The company is still young, and works on a one-for-one basis. With every pair of thongs sold, a pair of school shoes is donated through the Hope Foundation to kids in need. The soles of the thongs also have words etched into the sole of the thong. Allowing you to literally spread the words of love, kindness, dream and believe wherever you walk.

Shop Moeloco Thongs Now >>

Sevenly Apparel

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This company donates a portion of all profits to various charities. The charities are displayed on each item, so you can either shop via designs or the organisations you'd like to support. They have AWESOME Valentine's Day Mystery Bags, giving you a mix of their best shirts, whilst working to end human trafficking. The designs are really nice, whilst being made with top quality materials.

Shop Sevenly Now >>

The Root Collective Shoes

This company provides jobs, skills and income to some of the poorest communities in South America. All shoes are made by small villagers who are trained and provided with life-long stability. The materials are sustainably sourced and are of a very high quality. The fabrics are hand made by women in Guatemala, maintaining the traditional weaving skills and patterns of this culture. Your purchase goes directly to helping families get out of the cycle of poverty, crime and violence. Check out their beautiful video here >>

Shop The Root Collective Shoes Now >>

Eight Hour Studio

'The original concept for Eight Hour Studio was born out of a love for traditional Indian woodblock printing methods and the desire to create an enterprise that was local yet global, socially responsible and environmentally aware' - Sonia Padam
These exceptional pieces of easy-to-wear clothes are a perfect addition to any suitcase. Great for the Beach, City, chilled days on the couch or to spunk up the pyjama draw! Slow fashion ethic and fair-trade work practises at every level are the back bone to this company. Creating beautiful items made with traditional methods, supporting small communities... I love everything about this enterprise!

Shop Eight Hour Studio >>

Grayl Water Purification Bottles

These bottles not only filter water but they purify it! They are super light weight and durable. The filter heads last up to 300 uses. They're perfect for ANY travelling situation, especially in third world countries. I WISH I had one of these in Cambodia! Taking a refillable drink bottle with you while travelling is the easiest way to stay healthy and save on tonnes of landfill waste. I was buying so many bottles of water weekly in Cambodia as the water wasn't drinkable. This would have saved me a tonne of unnecessary waste and money!

Shop Grayl Purification Bottles Now >>

Goodwell Tooth Brushes

In the United States alone it is estimated that over 850 million toothbrushes end up in landfill every single year. Goodwill Bamboo toothbrushes are 100% Biodegradable, saving on tonnes of plastic waste going into our environment. They have a fantastic subscription service, sending you a new replaceable head or complete brush every month. Saving you time and money! Sustainable products don't get much better than that!

Shop Goodwell Toothbrushes Now >>

Preserve Products

All Preserve products are made from 100% recycled plastic. They take general household waste items such as yoghurt cups and create durable, beautiful household products. Their razors are a travelling woman dream! Their razors have 5 blades, meaning they last much longer than disposable razors and have replaceable heads, leading to much less landfill.

Shop Preserve Razors Now >>

Lush Cosmetics

This company ticks so many of my boxes, it will be a guaranteed winner for your Valentine! Lush uses all natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. They make sure all stages of production are ethical, with respectable work places and conditions being a high priority. They have many items that support charities all over the world. They are 100% against animal testing and are major advocates in changing the way the industry as a whole tests their products.... Do I need to continue? Go buy some magical bath bombs and yummy body butter right now!

Shop Lush Cosmetics Now >>

Heys America - Eco Orbis Luggage

This particular range from Heys America is made from 100% recycled plastic! It's carry-on size and spinner wheels make it a perfect piece for any traveller! With the added benefit of a top quality, reliable company, these will be your lovers new best travel buddy!

Shop Eco Orbis Luggage Now >>

Rareform Bags

These bags get me so excited! Rareform takes old billboard advertisements and recycles them into one-of-a kind bags, wallets, phone case and more! Every single piece is unique! Rareform repurposes over 9000 kilograms of vinyl a month - stopping it ending up in landfill! By buying one of these products you're doing your bit in saving our planet and getting a highly durable, waterproof, completely unique product that will last you for years!

Shop Rareform Bags Now >>

Heys America Ecotex Packing Cubes, Toiletry Bags & Shoe Bags


Each bag in this range from Heys America is made from 10 recycled plastic bottles. This new material makes the bags ultra durable and waterproof with great functionality!

Shop Heys America Ecotex Range Now >> 

Recycled Map Bag Tag

Grab something completely unique and personalised for your wanderer. These tags on Etsy are made from recycled maps from all over the world. Make it easy to find your luggage and create a special souvenir from a particular destination... maybe somewhere you shared a romantic moment?

Shop Map Tags On Etsy Now >>

Visit.Org Local Day Tours 

Visit.Org Ethical Travel Tours

These short day tours are run by locals sharing their way of life. Get a culturally rich and authentic experience whilst supporting real people. Each tour supports a worthy cause within that country, either through donation or visiting a cause during your tour. Travel responsibly and with purpose.


Check out Visit.Org Tours Today >>

Intrepid Travel Tours

25% off Intrepid Travel trips

These tours are ethical, socially sustainable and have small group numbers. They rely on locals rather than big companies to guide, teach, feed and house travellers. For an incredibly unique, authentic and unforgettable experience, you simply cannot get better than Intrepid! They are truely the best tour company out there!

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Where will you be this Valentine's Day? How will you be celebrating with a loved one?

All opinions and views expressed in this guide are entirely my own. Affiliate links appear in this article. If you see something that interests you, please use these links. As it helps support my continued free content at no extra cost to you.


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