Sydney Opera House from the top of the Bridgeclimb

Ultimate Guide To Climb The Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Ultimate Guide To Climbing The Sydney Harbour Bridge

I finally did it! I ticked off one of my top Bucket List items!
We recently had a jam-packed weekend in Sydney visiting family & friends for Curtis's 28th Birthday and boy was it memorable! Growing up near Sydney, I loved having special weekends with friends or family, exploring the wonders of the big city!
Looking up at the grey archers beaming over Sydney, watching ferries duck underneath her and playing along the edges surrounded by centuries of history.
The best attraction in Sydney, only rivalled by her neighbour the Sydney Opera House - Jousting for top position from opposing sides of The Quay.
I'm so happy I can now share with you my top tips for making your own experience a magical one!
Here're my ultimate guide to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge...

What To Expect When Climbing The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Bridge Climb What To Wear

Because the walk is so easy, just wear something casual. A big question for me when packing for our Sydney Bridge Climb was what to wear for the climb. I wore tights and a light t-shirt and that was an optimal outfit. Go for comfort as you’re going to be wearing the BridgeClimb suit over the top anyway. And if it’s raining or stinky hot, you’re gunna end up dirty and smelly anyways, so your clothes won’t want to attend a fancy dinner afterwards.

What Does BridgeClimb Provide:

- Beanie
- Hat
- Hankie
- Fleece jacket
- Rain jacket
- Shoes (if required)
- Eyewear cord
- Weather proof pants
- Radio and earphones connected to your guide

Watching the sunset from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Ease of the Climb

It was incredibly easy to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge! I was prepared to be puffing and probably holding back my team because i’d be so unfit! But this was an incredibly easy walk. I’m talking easier than it was walking throughout the city itself during the day! You take lots and lots of breaks, as the guide talks and you get to admire the view at each stage of the climb. Also there’s about 5 stops where you get photos taken, so you get to absorb everything and relax then too. It’s never majorly steep. At the very beginning and end you climb up and down about 6 steep ladders, which takes you up majority of the ascent.
I borrowed walking shoes because I… forgot my own. I thought of every outfit for our weekend and decided I only needed my boots! What was I missing...
The guide said I could’ve done it in my boots and I looked at him like ‘uh you’re kidding right?’ but honestly I totally could have! Only thing is it was wet and could get slippery in the wrong shoes.


Do eat and try and drink plenty of water before your climb. This way you have enough energy and are not dehydrated. The climb is easy but you are still walking and climbing for 2 hours, so prepare your body. Bubblers are located in about 3 spots along the climb and you do get short drink stops.

Watching the sunset behind the Sydney Opera house during the bridge climb

The View

Majority of the walk is on Grated metal and you definitely can get caught up in the worries of the height and let your mind wonder to the worst circumstances of falling etc. but I honestly was so blown away by the magic of the whole experience I never let those thoughts in.
You get an incredible view of nearly 360 degrees all around the bridge. The cityscape and northern Sydney buildings twinkling above the mirror water. Toy-sized ferris putting along underneath the bridge, with their wave patterns making everything seem unorganised but wonderfully free-flowing. The opera house looking like a teeny tiny sail boat moored in the harbour. The traffic underneath is like a river of stars, comfortable streaming through the metal. The best part, for me, was walking back down, looking directly out to the city. The sun has set and the city is beaming back to life. It was purely magical. The lights, the breeze, the birds above me and the freeing feeling of all of those sensations put together.

Best Time slot to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I would say that the sunset climb is the best slot. Because you get a 2 in 1 experience. You get to see the city in the daytime with all the normal daily activities going about their way, colour filling every nook. Then you get to watch the sunset, from a perspective that can only be rivalled by flying over a city in a plane at the same time. Watching the light bounce off certain objects, yet still reaching the farthest corners of the landscape. Then on the way down you get to see the city burst back into life as colour gets replaced by sparkling black and yellowish-white. I can’t emphasise how magical it is. Why is this better than sunrise? Often Sydney gets blanketed in fog in the mornings. Which could also be incredibly magical as it clears with the sun rising. But it could also block off the view for the majority of the climb and just make the city look gross.

Excited we made it to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Other Climbing Options

Different Times - You can also climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge through the day and night. Giving you obviously different perspectives of the city and slashing the price of the ticket quite a bit.
Sample Climb - Also you can do a ‘sample’ climb. Which is half the length and height. This option would be good if heights are an issue for you, or you’re just not sure how you’ll react. I honestly thought I would be way more worried about the heights and being able to see straight down while the guide telling me exactly how high I was…. but it didn’t cross my mind once!
Celebrity Treatment - If you are a celebrity, you have the option to catch an elevator up and walk along a carpeted area, nowhere near us peasants. So you know, if you qualify, that’s a good way to go to!

What You Cannot Do

-Most jewellery is prohibited - glasses being an exception.
- You cannot wear Heels or inappropriate walking shoes.
- No mobile phones or cameras are allowed when climbing the sydney harbour bridge. Your guide will take photos for you along the way
- No chewing gum.

Climbing is cancelled - only when there is lightning in the area or winds are above 60km/hour. Apart from that, you climb rain or shine. Climbs may also be cancelled or cut short due to any emergencies on or under the bridge (car/boat accident, fire, hostile situation with an unauthorised person climbing the bridge etc.)

Night time with the city lights behind us on the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Photos of your climb

You will be able to purchase your climb photos as soon as you are finished and dressed. The process is very swift.
Best value for money package - Get all of your photos, up to 10 (this is usually how many good ones come through anyway) + any videos taken + a few professional photographs taken by BridgeClimb + all on a BridgeClimb USB for $59.95. This way all your pictures are digital and you can then print as many copies as you like.
There are many other options as well including print packages, framing options, enlarged and poster sized options.
Souvenirs - There’s a large souvenir store in the main lobby area, where you can purchase just about anything you can think of with the icon printed on or in the shape of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They also have snacks, ice creams, cold drinks and a coffee machine.

Where To Stay:

We stayed at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney and I would highly recommend this hotel.
It’s central to EVERYTHING! Close to train stations and parking. Affordable, with a touch of fancy and absolutely above board satisfaction in every way!

How To Get There:

Public Transport - Circular Quay is the closest and easiest train station to walk from. Catch any train from any station doing the ‘City Circle’ and you’ll be there within minutes. Walk up through The Rocks and along Cumberland St. You will need an Opal Card to use public transport. Purchase one from any train station or Newsagency.

Google map

Buy Tickets to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

All bookings are done online, through the BridgeClimb website.
This way you can see exactly the timeslot you want and if it is available. Time slots book out fast, so you will need to plan preferably weeks in advance.
Alternatively, if you’re not ready to set a date, buy vouchers and decide on a date closer to your trip.

This is the best activity in Sydney. I’m so glad I finally ticked off this bucket list item! It’s really hard to compare this experience to anything else I’ve done, it’s just that unique and incredible!

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Have you recently ticked off a major bucket list item? Was it more than you expected and dreamed it would be?
Let me know in the comments!

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