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10 Ways Anyone Can Travel Without Travelling

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10 Ways Anyone Can Travel Without Travelling

We've all been in the 'Oh god, I wish I could just jet off tomorrow!' kinda mood... scrolling through Instagram staring at the perfect shots of beautiful sun kissed skin in pretty dresses roaming around gleaming white Greek coastline. Reaching that almost stalker-creepy level of following your friends European Adventure from your couch. But why do you need to jump on a plane to travel? Why does it need to be expensive and always to a far distant land? There's ways you can travel without 'travelling'. Ways to get you through that torturous period of bulking up your bank account and finally splurging on a one way ticket! Here's 10 ways anyone can travel without travelling ....

10 Ways Anyone Can Travel Without Travelling - No.1 Read Travel Books

This is the best way to travel without travelling! It can take you far and wide. Fact or fiction, they can move you, be adventurous or relax the mind. Be taken to a Balinese Retreat, climb Mt Everest or wander an ancient Spanish pilgrimage. All this for practically free and in the comfort of, well, anywhere! A few titles I would recommend:

Rebirth: A Fable of Love, Forgiveness, and Following Your Heart
The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World (Lonely Planet)
Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace - One School at a Time
Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

Surround Yourself With Travel

If you can't go to the destinations, bring the destinations to you. Surround yourself with all you dream of! Hang maps on the wall, stick photos on the fridge, get a little eiffel tower to hold your rings on... there's literally endless ways that you can bring your dream to life without leaving your house! My go-to is lighting incense and candles that remind me of the Cambodian coastline, laying back enjoying a $2 cocktail! Shop online and get little travelling presents from yourself. Even better, get paid to do so through cash back sites such as Ebates! All the goodies, without the guilt 😉

Watch Documentaries

Travel without Travelling could not get any easier than this! Get educated and inspired! Take yourself to places you never thought you could! Let ole Dav-o open your mind and blow you away with the beauty this world so naturally has to offer! Learn about new cultures, experiences and environments. There's a million and one films you could start watching to get your travel fix! Here's a few that keep me inspired:

HUMAN The Movie
Human Planet (2010)
Planet Earth II

Surf Social Media

Now i'm not talking about watching funny goat videos or stalking your ex. Find inspirational people, companies, organisations, tourism boards.... Follow quality! Be inspired by real. Be motivated by honesty and natural awesomeness! Fill your everyday life with greatness! Not just mind numbing, quick fix, joy boosters. Check out these great accounts to take your daily inspo to the next level:

Great Lakes NSW
World Nate
Drew Binsky
World of Wanderlust 

Talk About Travel

Talk, chat, gossip, babble and gabble! Talk to friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances! Live out your dreams, discuss ideas, see where others have gone! Word of mouth is a precious thing, get all the advice you can! Jump on forums and get great tips! 

Learn A New Language

You can learn SO MUCH about a culture from their language! The way people communicate, show emotions, describe things, its all an art! Bring the sounds of a culture to life and learn a life skill that can be so incredibly beneficial for when you do jet off! You never know when you'll need that skill, but it could be the best thing you'll ever have up your sleeve!

By far, the best source of information on creative skills i've found is all on SkillShare. Think of it like YouTube tutorials on steroids! This site is full of videos, tutorials, step by step guides on a huge range of skills! All in one neat little site. The quality in the knowledge provided by SkillShare teachers makes it an absolute standout resource! You can join SkillShare for free to get a lovely little taste test of this universe of knowledge OR subscribe for just $11/month and enjoy a library of over 15000 videos and tutorials on all skills from cooking, crafts, learning languages, business skills and online marketing.... the list is huge! Check it out >>

Learn on Skillshare

Learn New Recipes

A highlight of a destination for me is always the food I eat there! The smells wafting down the lanes as I wander the city streets. The delectable treats fuelling my adventures in the sun! Bring these delights into your home by researching traditional flavours of your dream destination. Go that extra mile to get authentic ingredients and cooking methods and bring the cuisines to life!

My top picks for learning unique culinary skills are:

Cook like an Italian Chef - Make Fresh Pasta the Real Italian Way
How To Make Asian-Style Dumplings From Scratch!
How To Make French Macarons

Explore Your Own Backyard

Be sure to fully explore your local area whenever you possibly can! Go for walks, jogs, bike rides! It's amazing how much you can discover right at your doorstep. Checkout local bush walks or bike trails. Local fishing spots and kayaking areas. Discovery all the local eateries and see what makes each one unique. There's so much you can do without even having to drive anywhere! This is usually the cheapest way to explore and gain a sense of adventure before jetting off anywhere foreign. Be humbled by the immense beauty surrounding you. Appreciate of the wonderful land you grew up in.

Host People From Other Cultures

Meeting real human examples of other cultures has to be the best way i've learned and grown throughout my travels! So invite them to your home! Services like Airbnb and Couchsurfing are a fantastic way to a) earn a bit of extra cash b) share unused space with people who need it c) meet INCREDIBLE people! Share stories, life lessons and cultural quirks. Share your home and local area with them. The exchange of knowledge and joy in participating in activities such as this is so beneficial! Meet people, smile, laugh, feel! What more could you ask for! 
Need a bit of convincing? I'm giving you $50 AUD to spend on your first adventure if you decide to open your home to new adventures! Sign up to Airbnb today!


Don't stop believing that one day your dreams will come true. Never give up on achieving your goals. Believe you can and it will. Day dream, wander and enjoy drifting off. Keep your heart filled with butterflies. Live in the dreamland that others only envy of, as they cannot reach the destinations your imagination takes you. Keep your childlike wisdom alive!

How do you get your quick travel fix? Do you travel without travelling? What keeps you sane in the pursuit of adventure, freedom and excitement? Let me know!


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