Touch wood I don't die tomorrow, but what if I did?

Touch Wood… I Don’t Die Tomorrow

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Touch wood I don't die tomorrow.
Touch wood I don't ever become a paraplegic.
Touch wood my mother never has the burden of burying her own daughter. But what if it happened....

Touch Wood I Don't Die Tomorrow... But What If I Did?

Are You Satisfied With The Life You've Lived?

Enjoying a sunrise over the water

Would you be satisfied with your life?
Would you call your life complete?
Would you be happy writing a full stop at the end?
Or would you have unanswered questions and unopened doors left behind? Never, ever take this day for granted.
Never underestimate how strong you are.
Never underestimate the power of love and friendship.
Believe in yourself. You are your greatest support.

Enjoy time in nature, let it soothe the soul

Feel the chair you're sitting on. Focus on your passions.
Isn't it great? Isn't it all so wonderfully great?
Let it wave over your body. Be overcome.Don't put it off.
Don't wait for sometime, someday, tomorrow, next week, when you're married, when you're single, when you're retired....
It may never come. Now. Now is all that matters.
​Make it yours!

live life to the fullest!

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