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The Reason I Won’t Be Receiving A Valentine’s Day Gift This Year

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Why I Do Not Want Or Need A Valentine's Day Gift
Growing up as a hormone filled teenage girl, I saw Valentine's Day as the pinnacle of romance.
I wanted nothing more than my secret (or not so) admirer to send me a rose during class at school, secretly craving the embarrassment of having my name read out in front of everyone. Or longing to receive a lovey dovey, hand-drawn-heart-bordered letter in the mail. But now, as an educated woman, hormones all balanced out, I can see how insignificant this day really is for me. 

No Gifts For Valentine's Day

'I don't want you buying me any of this crap!' I proclaim as I fiddle with the stuffed teddy conveniently placed at eye level at the Woolies checkout. 'Good, cos I wasn't buying you anything anyway' Curtis replies.
'No, I mean it, I don't want any of this crap!' 'Don't worry, I mean it too.'
We mutually agree, that it's a total waste of money and space buying into this commercialised garbage. Relieved, I could not be happier. If I wanted a child-slavery built piece of imported mumbo jumbo, I certainly wouldn't want to be receiving it as a gesture of love.
I have now created a list of ethical and responsible Valentine's Day Gifts for travellers.
​Why do we see this day as a do or die when it comes to proclaiming our love for the people dearest to us? Why just one day? Why can't you do that everyday?
You do not need to spend money, give things, buy stuff, to make someone feel special.

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If you truely need this one day of commercialism, materialism and ironic symbolism to feel and reinforce the love and support of a loved one, you have many more major issues than just which colour rose to pick.

I simply do not need a special day to feel 'special'.​ Every morning we wake up and say 'I love you', either spoken or shown. Why would this ordinary February morning be any different?
Every day we ensure a 'Goodbye, hope you have a good day' is exchanged on our way to work, why should only this particular work day be started with well wishes?
Every gesture, every kiss, every smile, every held hand is a symbol of our incredible friendship and the deep connection we share.
​A stuffed toy or red embellished 'thing' is not going to deepen or weaken that strength we share.

We laugh, travel, talk, collaborate, letting each other soar and bringing our feet back to the ground, what more could I ever want?
All my gifts were received, the very day I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this incredible man. What more could be given?
Our 'gift' to each other is simple. Another 365 days of love and support for each other. A gift no one can manufacture. A gift, that we both, cherish every single second of every day of the year

You and Me Forever

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