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I want to question everything

Though I’m not looking for answers.

I want everything to be challenged
I want everything to challenge me.

Lately I’ve felt stuck. I feel lost. I feel torn. 
I feel as though I have slowly been wandering off the path, childishly chasing a wonderful butterfly in the wind.
And as it died, I suddenly realised I have lost my way.

I need focus again.
I lost it.
I lost where I was going and which direction my heart truly needed to follow.

With rest, has come awakening.

I feel aware of what is needed to happen and of what is needed in order to jump back onto that path.

Acknowledge the beautiful butterflies that fly over head. Appreciate their brilliance.
Though remember you are on your own transformative journey.
Don’t lose sight of the next adventure.

I want to know why it is that things happen.
Why do such heartbreaking scenes unfold before my eyes?
Why is the sky so beautiful?

I want to question everything.
Questions that no one can answer
Questions that everyone has a different answer to.

I’m not looking for answers.
I’m wanting to avoid stagnation and agreeance.

Challenge me.
Send me on a mind-bending spiral of clues, arguments and realisations.

This is the sort of traveller I want to be.

I want to question everything.
No, i’m not insta-perfect.
I never will be.
But why is this?
Because the mind cannot be captured in a single photograph.
And I think to try and capture everything going on in my own, would take a million accounts.

I want to question everything.
I’m not perfect.
Though, delightfully, nothing is.
I’m the same as everything yet equally unique from any other living cell in this world.

I want to question everything
Do not give me answers that you think will satisfy me.
Some may say I’m rude, unsettled and wild
In many aspects, yes I am.
But most of all, I am curious.

I am hungry and thirsty.
I will never settle

I want to question everything.

The Curious Traveller

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