Assistant keepers cottage north at Sugarloaf Lighthouse Accommodation

Staying In Sugarloaf Lighthouse Seal Rocks

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Sugarloaf Lighthouse Cottages. A Unique Accommodation In NSW Australia

I'm blessed to bring you an example of one of the finest, most unique accommodations in New South Wales! Seal Rocks Sugarloaf Lighthouse is right on my doorstep and I'm pretty proud to show it off to you. Pristine natural environments make this part of paradise a must-do on any travels around Australia. And if you're into Bird or Whale watching, you're certainly not going to be disappointed. Sugarloaf Lighthouse has it all - culture, history, fresh air, untouched bushland, beauty, beaches and luxury accommodation. With all of these features being perfect all year round, what more could you want?

Sugarloaf Lighthouse Accommodation


1 Kinka Rd, Seal Rocks NSW
Sugarloaf Lighthouse is located in Seal Rocks on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, Australia
Situated on the very tip of Sugarloaf Point. Among pristine beaches, coastal bushland and beautiful hiking tracks.

Time/Distance From Sydney & From Forster

Sydney: 3.5 hours / 285 kilometres
Forster: 48 minutes / 46 kilometres

Sugarloaf Lighthouse at Seal Rocks NSW Australia
Sugarloaf Lighthouse at Seal Rocks NSW Australia

Type Of Accommodation

Self-Contained Luxury Cottages.

Assistant keepers cottage north at Sugarloaf Lighthouse Accommodation


Being a self-contained accommodation, you have the luxury of your own large kitchen and laundry.
Tea, Coffee, Milk and a pod coffee machine are provided. A wide variety of magazines, books, newspapers, DVD'S, Board Games and an extensive bird and whale watching guide are provided in each cabin.
There are no pools, spas, gyms or restaurants. Just the wonder of nature to entertain you. With so many beaches and hiking trails around the Barrington Coast, you definitely won't get bored.

Relaxation at Sugarloaf Lighthouse Accommodation

Restaurants / Dining

No restaurants are located in Seal Rocks. You'll find a few among the small communities along The Lakes Way. 
Read: Best Restaurants In Forster NSW

Sugarloaf Lighthouse Accommodation at Seal Rocks NSW Australia

Toiletries / Towels supplied

Yes, small toiletries and towels are supplied.

Sugarloaf Lighthouse Accommodation at Seal Rocks NSW Australia

Wifi / Cell Service

Wifi is intermittent but available for free in both cottages.
Cell service is limited to only a few patches around the property. Telstra gaining the best service.
This allowed me to switch off and simply enjoy my surroundings. I wasn't distracted by social media and purely focused on my photography and watching the birds play around me.

Sugarloaf Lighthouse at Seal Rocks NSW Australia

Closest Supermarket To Sugarloaf Lighthouse

This is a major criteria I look at when booking accommodation. Especially since this was a completely self-contained cottage and we needed to bring all of our own food and drinks. There are general stores dotted in amongst the small communities all along The Lakes Way. Though the closest major supermarkets, service centres and major stores are located in Forster.

Details of Sugarloaf Lighthouse Cottages

Bed Quality (you're only there to sleep right?)

The cottages were built in 1875 and much of the furniture is original, if not replaced with replicas. Our 4-poster bed hugged me tight as we fell asleep to the pitter patter of the rain on the tin roof. I love that sound... It's like a lullaby from nature!  
The bed was super comfy, with extra pillows and blankets supplied.

Whale Watching at Sugarloaf Lighthouse NSW Australia

Stand-Out Feature

Ok, I'm being a bit naughty with this one and giving you my 2 favourite stand-out features

1) Sugarloaf Lighthouse at night!!!!!
Oh wow, this beauty at night is a sight I will never forget! It breaks tradition with having a whopping 16 beams of light instead of just 1-4. We were blessed with a clear night and were gobsmacked by how many stars we could see! Curtis and I grabbed a picnic blanket and headed up to the top. We bathed in the star lights, listening to the waves gently splashing up onto the cliffs below. It was an incredibly magical experience and I wanted nothing more than to lay there all night soaking it in.

2) Whale Season
Sugarloaf Point significantly juts out from the coast, making it an exceptional viewing point for passing Whales. Take your pick of the Headland Lookout Area, Lighthouse Beach or head to the very top and lookout from the base of the Lighthouse itself. I was blessed yet again, during the day, to watch a highway of Whales passing me by. I simply sat, camera pointed and had hours of entertainment! Whales breaching, splashing and waving me hello on their way up north. Another magical experience I'm not going to forget anytime soon.

Lookout at Sugarloaf Lighthouse

Best Time Of Year To Visit

Depending on if you prefer to watch the highway of whales or go play in the sea yourself, will determine which season you should visit. We stayed during Whale season on the Barrington Coast (winter) and were not disappointed! Though it would have been incredible to just toddle down to the beach and spend the day there. The cottages have heating in every room, so its remarkably cosy throughout winter. Either side of the seasons you choose, you're going to want clear nights to get the best experience from your stay.

Beautiful landscapes around Sugarloaf Lighthouse

Price Range For 2 People

Prices vary upon season and days of the week. Minimum 3 nights stay on Weekends and 4 nights stay during the week. Prices are upwards of $340/night. These cottages are designed for groups and therefore prices for couples can seem a bit expensive. So get together a group of friend and family and make a week out of it!

Lavender flowers around Sugarloaf Lighthouse with the waves below

Negative Feature or Experience

There were no negatives with this accommodation experience. The only consideration I would advise is this accommodations location. If you forget something, didn't bring enough food or want to explore more of the surrounding area, it's all a descent drive to anywhere. 
Many other self-contained accommodation we have stayed in, has at least a small amount of food supplies available at the office to purchase.

Though it's remoteness is one of Sugarloaf Lighthouse Cottages greatest feature. A private paradise with no online or physical distractions. It's an extremely unique luxury getaway.

Lighthouse Beach NSW Australia

Overall Experience

Sugarloaf Lighthouse Accommodation is a luxury getaway I surely hope I have the pleasure of staying at again. It's biggest feature, the lighthouse, is a drawcard on its own. Stargazing, Whale watching and unlimited bushland exploration made our stay magical. Instead of posting photos all over social media, Curtis and I enjoyed each others company. Spending the night on top of the cliffs gazing at the sky above.

The staff are incredibly friendly and communicated extensively with us before and after our stay. Judy is the bubbly, knowledgable onsite caretaker. Her passion and knowledge of the cottages shone through her beaming eyes and sweet voice! She was a wonderful welcome as we drove up in the dark. Above and beyond service was given at all times, especially when it came to our yucky check-in time of 7pm.

Information packages are provided to each cottage plus a personal tour by Judy. This includes the weather forecast for the duration of your stay and emergency contact numbers.

There's a freshness to the whole area, with no communities close by, you're left with fresh air and nothing but the sounds of nature in the background. Take a bath in the sea, watch the oceans cinema, with families of Whales being the movie stars.
The cottages are so well-preserved and maintained, with exceptional passionate staff. There's a touch of luxury, with the age and beauty of the cottages. Having the complex almost to yourself, it's a private getaway like no other! Whether you're exploring your backyard or exploring Australia as a visitor, this cultural experience is one you cannot leave off the list.

Lighthouse Beach NSW Australia

Best Day Trip Activities from Sugarloaf Lighthouse

Take your pick of 3 beaches right on your doorstep - Lighthouse Beach, Seal Rocks Beach 1 or Seal Rocks Beach 2.

Take a hike! Many coastal bush tracks weave all around this area, popping you out at various beaches here and there.

Don't forget your camera! You're in the middle of Myall Lakes National Park, home to incredible amounts of unique Australian Flora and Fauna.

Visit Treachery Camp for another good view point of the passing whales or to test out a new bush track.

Still haven't seen enough Whales? Jump on Amaroo Cruises in Forster for the absolute best Whale Watching experience of your life!

Seal Rocks itself has a small convenience store and coffee van.

Checkout the nearby coastal communities of Bluey's Beach, Pacific Palms or Smiths Lakes. All boasting great beaches, cafes and takeaway shops.

The closest main town is Forster. With large supermarkets and Stocklands shopping complex to pick up any supplies you may need. Here you'll find even more great beaches, cafes and specialty restaurants such as Spice Monkey and Aztec Mexican. Shoot me an email if you're in town, I'd love to meet you and show you around!

Inside Assistant Keeper's Cottage North

Booking & Contact Information

All bookings are made through the Sugarloaf Lighthouse Accomodation website. Here you'll see all available dates and prices.
They are quite active on Instagram, so check out @sealrockslighthouse for exceptional shots around Seal Rocks!

Mikayla Jane Travels stayed as a guest of Sugarloaf Lighthouse. All opinions and views expressed in this review are entirely my own. Affiliate links may appear in this article. If you see something that interests you, please use these links. As it helps support my continued free content at no extra cost to you.


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