Sex, Sun & Sangria – Barcelona

Now my goal with this site is to promote positivity and inspiration. So that is why this blog was a struggle to write. The other point of my site is to be honest. We didn’t like Barcelona and we can easily say we’re happy to never go back. So let’s start with the positives and work our way through our experience of the land of Sex Sun and Sangria.

Our hostel Pere Tarres Youth Hostel was great! They had a good security system, big rooms, lockers, great beds and shower and toilet inside each dorm room. A++ good start!
We then moved onto the Sagrada Familia…. honestly…. the ugliest building I’ve ever seen.
​I understand it’s incredible religious significance as a church but feel it’s a sick joke to drag out the construction so long…. especially when it’s design now ranges from gothic, to modern contemporary square statues. Relying on the ‘donations’ of entry fees charged to visit the completed sections of the building. My own personal opinion, but since there’s modern skyscrapers literally going up within a few years, it’s hard to believe (or pure ignorance) to think that this building legitimately needs to have taken and continues to, take so long to finish.
Sagrada Familia Cathedral barcelona Spain

Sagrada Familia Cathedral barcelona Spain

Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain

Sagrada Familia Cathedral Barcelona Spain

Bosc de les Fades bar barcelona spain

We had a night filled with Sangria and Flamenco, and checked out the funkiest little bar, Bosc de les Fades. It’s hidden away from a main courtyard just off La Rambla and is well worth a peak! It’s made to look like the inside of an enchanted tree, complete with fairies, little glittery nooks, waterfalls and mushroom stools. Plus, fantastic Pina Coladas! I could’ve stayed here drinking Sangria all night!
We decided on an early night and were glad to have made the decision. With most of our tour group moving onto the famous clubs…. There was the first mugging for the trip.
Obviously something this unfortunate can happen anywhere, but after what we saw on our train ride home, we weren’t surprised.
streets of barcelona spain

street in barcelona spain

The next day was started with a great buffet breakfast from the hostel and then an epic pastry from a small local bakery.
We hopped on the train and went exploring! Jumping off at La Rambla, we walked along the main strip, enjoying the sunshine.
​This main strip is a fantastic starting / middle / meeting point. It's the main promenade of the city and everything is within a short walking distance of it.
succulents and cacti in barcelona spain

succulent cacti market barcelona spain

As a self confessed succulent addict, I had a wonderful time looking at all the succulent stalls along this strip.
We wandered down to the main food market, finding an array of fresh food and hand crafted treats!
I couldn’t contain myself when it came to the self-serve dark chocolate truffles. In here you’ll also find a rainbow of freshly squeezed fruit juices for 2 Euro, which we may have taken full advantage of.
chocolates in market of barcelona spain

fresh prosciutto in barcelona spain

chocolates in barcelona spain market

freshly squeezed fruit juices in barcelona spain market

The midday sun started getting to us so we made our way into the gothic quarter, checking out all the tiny streets and beautiful cobbled alleys. There were treasures galore to be discovered, with the question of why sex is put at the beginning of the sentence… answered. Many ‘interesting’ shops were passed with me not wanting to go inside and raise or answer anymore questions that may come up.
We eventually popped out behind the Columbus Monument, across from the beach.
Fun Fact - You can buy beer at McDonald's and KFC! 'Yes a happy meal and aaaa.... Corona thanks!'
street craft in barcelona spain

lamp posts in barcelona spain

food in the streets of barcelona spain

walking around the streets and alleys of barcelona spain

flag of barcelona spain

colombus monument in barcelona spain

We made our way up past one of Barcelona's original Bull Fighting Rings, Las Arenas. Impressive on the outside, incredibly disappointingly it has now been turned into a shopping mall. For such a beautiful moorish building with so much rich, authentic, culture-creating history inside, it is truely a sad transformation to see. ​
Las arenas bull fighting ring in barcelona spain

Las arenas bull fighting ring in barcelona spain

Discover Spain 160x600
​We’d been told, by our tour leader, to check out the nightly light show at the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. We made our way up towards the  impressive Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (National Museum of Catalan Visual Art). Weaving our way up the innumerable amount of steps, gazing back down at the city below us.
All around people eating, laughing, exercising & experiencing a beautiful sunset. A moment finally filled with pure life, joy and presence. It was 2 hours from the show, but we could already see people saving their spots at the best vantage points.
We’d walked all day in the sun and decided to just chill out and do the same. Great decision! Though 2 hours out may seem a bit extreme, we managed to grab an uninterrupted view on top of the huge pillars above the main fountain and had 0 hassles. Thousands of people lined the stairs, walkways and the fountains themselves to get a good view.
​The show runs for 15 minutes every 30 minutes from around 9pm onwards. It is spectacular, Don’t miss it!
Museu Nacional d

statue at Museu Nacional d

Museu Nacional d

Museu Nacional d

curtis and mikayla. mikayla jane travels

Curtis and Mikayla. mikayla jane travels

Museu Nacional d


light show at the magic fountain in barcelona spain Museu Nacional d

light show in barcelona spain at Museu Nacional d

​For a coastal town, to visit after picturesque France, it wasn’t the most impressive. Comparatively it was dirtier, cheaper (in every sense), sleazier and less safe. Instead of fantastic beaches and charming coastline, the views were tainted by the ports and their exuberant amount of containers and ships. With the beach right next door, the thought of what I could be swimming in was enough to simply go ‘no’ full stop to that option.
It was the first time on our trip that we really did feel unsafe walking the streets. Shady characters all round and our first ‘Now please take this advice and never walk back to the hostel alone’ speech on the coach.
The hundreds of cheap ‘made in china’ souvenir shops, the simple fact no one seems to know why the basilica is taking so long to build apart from it making the companies more money, and feeling like we needed eyes in the back of our heads walking at night, all added up to nothing fantastic.
mikayla ajne travels at barcelona spain

The ‘real’ Spain never revealed itself and we can honestly say we’re happy to never go back. If we ever do, we truely hope to experience some sort of authenticity.
But ultimately it was another adventure. It was another learning experience. It was another lovely little test of our relationship and the incredible friendship we share. ​No regrets, only lessons. We may not have had the most amazing experience of Barcelona, but here are the positives I left with:
Sangria and authentic Proscuitto is mouth wateringly delectable. I found the cutest Fairy bar ever! And I got to see the most beautiful little succulents out of our whole trip!
Sex, Sun & Sangria, appropriately named, Barcelona is a city full of it all!
curtis and mikayla at barcelona spain mikayla jane travels



  1. Hi Nolo! 🙂
    Thanks for the positive feedback! Hope you have a fantastic trip and enjoy all the wonders Europe has to offer. Please email me anytime if you have any questions 🙂

  2. I will read all of your reviews before visiting European cities. Well written and fun to read. Good stuff.

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