Selfie from the top of Sugarloaf Lighthouse

Cape Hawke and Seal Rocks NSW

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A Day Out In NSW Australia - Cape Hawke and Seal Rocks

Welcome to my 'A Day Out In Forster' section. A series of posts highlighting the incredible beauty i'm surrounded by in my hometown of Forster, New South Wales, Australia. Local guides, tips and wanderlust stirring photography can all be found within this local series. Forster is on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, about 4 hours drive from Sydney. This part of the coast is completely surrounded by National and Marine Parkland. A playground for Australia's unique wildlife and 'old' bushland. This guide looks at a relaxed, adventurous day trip around Cape Hawke and Seal Rocks Sugarloaf Lighthouse.

Best Day Trips In New South Wales

Lighthouse Beach below Sugarloaf Lighthouse

Cape Hawke Lookout

Map of Cape Hawke on the Mid-North Coast of NSW

A short 11 minute drive from the centre of Forster is a small but impressive lookout on Cape Hawke. Surrounded by natural Coastal bushland, a small 400m (30min return) sloping hike will lead you to a viewing platform. Along the way be on the lookout for natural wildlife such as Bush Turkeys, Kookaburras, Sea Eagles, Lizards and Snakes. A tranquil sunday walk, or a nice little workout, depending on your pace, this is a lovely little slice of beauty just outside suburbia.

Beware of the Cape Hawke Mosquitoes!

This patch of bushland is the perfect environment for Mosquitoes. I've been up to this lookout in various seasons and weather conditions and they are BAD every time. Be sure to spray yourself before you start your walk. I was being bitten through my leggings and shirt. But don't worry, the view at the end is well worth a few little bugs!

You get a magnificent view of pristine ocean, National Parkland and crystal clear waterways running through the Great Lakes. You can see Forster town, Tuncurry, the mouth system of Wallis Lake and it's joining rivers, as well as a major vantage point for Whales passing by, with kilometres of uninterrupted ocean views.

Cape Hawke is on my list for the best spots to see Whales in Forster, New South Wales.

Taking pictures at Cape Hawke lookout in NSW Australia
Panorama of the lookout on Cape Hawke

Seal Rocks - Sugarloaf Lighthouse

Map of Seal Rocks on the Mid- North Coast of NSW

A further 30 minute drive or 45 minutes from Forster Centre, is Seal Rocks. With Sugarloaf Lighthouse being the main attraction point. There's also 3 beaches to choose from - No.1 Beach, No.2 Beach and Lighthouse Beach. All of them boast crystal clear water, with great conditions for surfing! 

Walking up to Sugarloaf Lighthouse
Sugarloaf Lighthouse at Seal Rocks
Lighthouse Beach at Seal Rocks

Starting with a 20 minute walk through breathtakingly pristine coastal bush, you'll walk up past sheer cliffs with foaming waves crashing through them. Follow up the path to checkout a fantastic view and side access to the beach below. A couple more minutes takes you to the very top to Sugarloaf Lighthouse.

Walking up to the top of Sugarloaf Lighthouse at Seal Rocks
Lighthouse Cottages at Seal Rocks NSW Australia
Looking out over the ocean on top of Sugarloaf Lighthouse

This walk is quite steep and with no disabled access. You will need to be quite fit and able to make it to the top. Once you're there, you'll be well rewarded!

Sugarloaf Point is another major vantage point for seeing Whales during the migration season. I caught my first sighting of Whales breaching from this lookout. It was magical. Nothing can compare to a highway of gentle giants playing in their expansive backyard, totally wild and free.

Sugarloaf Lighthouse at Seal Rocks
Looking out over the ocean from Sugarloaf Lighthouse
Lighthouse Accommodation available at Seal Rocks

You also have the opportunity to stay in the cottages themselves! Prices vary depending on time of year, day of the week etc. But wow! I'd love to spend a night or 2 here! The view, fresh air, quiet pristine beach.... this accomodation is now added to my bucket list!

Lucky me! I ticked off that bucket list item shortly after this article was originally written!
I have never experienced an accommodation quite like it. The 19th Century cottages are incredibly beautiful. The sky lit up with the unique 16 beams from the Lighthouse. And in between each beam is the sight of completely un-polluted star-lit sky! The sound of the waves rolling below us, a rainbow of birdlife and incredible weather... This unique accommodation of New South Wales is one to add to your bucket list!
Checkout my review on my stay there

Selfie from the top of Sugarloaf Lighthouse

Have you visited the Mid-North Coast of NSW?
What was your favourite destination or thing to do?

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