Palm Tree on Savala Island, Fiji

Review: Oolala Tour, Savala Island, Fiji

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Oolala Tour, Savala Island, Fiji
On our cruise through the South Pacific with Royal Caribbean we only did one Shore Excursion through the cruise liner itself. This was the Oolala tour to Savala Island from Port Lautoka, Fiji. It was worth every cent! A complete private island with crystal clear waters and buffet lunch.... that's just the beginning of this tropical day dream adventure....

What To Expect On The Oolala Tour, Savala Island, Fiji

Savala Island, Fiji
Welcome to Port Lautoka, Fiji
Voyager of the Seas cruise ship docked in Port Lautoka, Fiji

Why Choose The Oolala Tour?

We chose the Oolala tour primarily because it was the best 'bang for your buck'. A full 6.5 hours of activities and food, for roughly the same price as some of the other tours which didn't have as much value. The tour was easily booked through our Royal Caribbean cruise. You can book before you board or while you're already on your cruise.

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Getting on our boat to go on the Oolala Tour
Playing guitar and singing on the Oolala Tour
Relaxing by the waters of Fiji on the Oolala Tour

Best Part Of The Oolala Tour 

Arriving in Port Lautoka, we were shortly on our way to Savala Island via the Oolala tour boat. The staff were outstanding! Friendly, informative, professional, fun and charismatic! This has to be one of the stand out points of this tour - the people. Singing, playing guitar and teaching us about all activities we participated in, it gave that little extra to the day!

Kayaking off Savala Island on the Oolala Tour
Walking along the beach on Savala Island
Kayaking off Savala Island on the Oolala Tour

Activities Included On The Oolala Tour

Snorkelling, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Shark Feeding and a Coconut Demonstration! Also available were beachside massages.... Ah! Yes Please! It was absolutely heavenly..

Shark Feeding On Savala Island

Eating Lunch on the Oolala Tour
Feeding Sharks on the Oolala Tour
Baby Sharks in the crystal clear waters of Savala Island, Fiji

After a fabulous, well earned buffet lunch, the leftovers are used for the 'baby shark feeding'. I love sharks! So this was absolutely my favourite activity! The island is known as a shark nursery, as many juvenile black-tip reef sharks call this island home. Standing on the edge, our tour leader threw in the leftover BBQ Chicken and we watched in awe at the number of Shark, Fish and Rays that swarmed right where we'd been swimming.
As the food dried up, we all took the opportunity and made our way into the water with the sea life. This was great until I had one very friendly little sharkie decide my toes would be desert.... I was quick out of there! 10 toes is the amount I'd like to keep thanks!

Sandy toes from the Oolala Tour on Savala Island, Fiji
Beach Chairs on Savala Island
Massage on Savala Island

Snorkelling Off Savala Island

A private, pristine island to ourselves could only be made better by a guided snorkel tour on the reef, just off the island. The water clarity was incredible! Being able to see 10-15m down, it was an undersea paradise! So much life and colour! Leftover bread from lunch was taken and we feed the fish straight out of our hands! No words can explain the feeling of being surrounded by hundreds of reef fish while you relax in the warm tropical waters without a care in the world.

Holding coral on Savala Island, Fiji
taking photos of the sunset on the Oolala Tour
Walking along the volcanic rock of Savala Island

Savala Island Is A Private Paradise

Savala Island is formed from volcanic rock and sand. It was the perfect size for the amount of people on our tour. We all had enough space, kids couldn't go anywhere out of eyesight and it was secluded enough to feel like we had our own private slice of Fiji!

Kissing in front of the sunset in Fiji
Sitting in front of the sunset on Savala Island, Fiji

Saying Goodbye To Savala Island

As the sun set and we made our way back to the ship, we were serenaded by the musical talents of our crew! A guitar, hands for clapping and a couple of upturned bins for drums, made 'Down Under' sound better than I've ever heard! The lights of our ship shone back in competition with the big orange ball in the sky....

sunset on Savala Island, Fiji
The Oolala tour was a major highlight of our entire cruise. Value for money, a full day of activities, incredibly family friendly and a true slice of tropical paradise! A must-do when travelling through the South Pacific!
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