Perfect carry-on essentials checklist for eco friendly travellers

Perfect Carry-On Essentials Checklist For Eco Friendly Travellers

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Perfect Carry-On Essentials Checklist For Eco-Friendly Travellers | Top tips and products for responsible travellers

This list can be used for domestic flights and is the perfect international flight carry on packing list. These carry on bag essentials are everything that I simply cannot travel without! I'm always looking for budget travelling options and am mindful of my impact on the Earth through every decision I make. This list is for my responsible travellers out there who use their daily spending choices wisely. I'm happy to share with you the perfect carry-on essentials checklist for eco friendly travellers.

Perfect Carry-On Essentials Checklist For Eco Friendly Travellers - Tips and Tricks

Pack All Your Valuables In Your Carry On

All Tech gadgets such as my phone, laptop and camera go into my carry-on. Other absolute essentials such as my wallet, passport, money, travel documents also go in here. I like to think about what I would be unable to travel without if my check in bag got lost.

Think About Where You Are Going After Your Flight

Are you going straight to your hotel? Are you going to have to wait around a while? Will you have to find something to do while waiting to check into your hotel? Pack your carry on accordingly. I don’t usually take make up on board with me, but if I had to wander a city for a few hours or head straight to some kind of event, I might pack it in my carry on. Will you need a change of clothes? I always pack a pair or 2 of underwear in my carry-on as a 'just in case'.

Consider The Weather Of Your Destination

Many a time I have travelled from Winter in Australia to sticky hot 40+ degree weather in Asia. Be sure to take a change of clothes that you can change into BEFORE you land. It may not be suitable to wait until you're in your destinations airport. You may have to walk from the plane, out along an open airport tarmac. There may be no toilets before getting into your taxi. Or, if there is toilets, they are gunna be jampacked! And there’s nothing worse than waiting in another unnecessary line. Be prepared and use the opportunity to stretch your legs and explore the plane.

Dehydration Is Your Number One Concern On A Plane

Many items on carry-on checklists may be unusual for you. You may not use them in your everyday life. But, on a flight, you need these extra things to stop your skin and overall body getting too dehydrated. You'll thank us later when you have mild jet lag and extra adventure time in your dream destination.

Instead Of Heading To The Bar In An Airport, Drink Water!

You will feel so so much better for it. Alcohol is not good for you. The novelty of sitting at a bar at 8am taking selfies, quickly wears off when you feel like total shit a few hours later. Dehydrating your body, just before jumping on a giant dehumidifying tank is essentially the worst thing you can do to your body.

Make Sure Everything Is Accessible In The Order You Will Need It

I put my change of clothes on the very bottom, as I won’t need them till the other side of my journey. I put my pen in an outside pocket as you use a pen way more than you ever think in an airport, and it is the worst feeling being ‘that’ fumbling person emptying their bag in security. I pack my passport organiser very last. While I’m inside the airport itself, I very rarely even put it into my bag. It is needed at every checkpoint and I like to know that I have it on me.

Choosing Items For Your Eco Friendly Carry-On Checklist

Being a responsible traveler isn't hard, expensive or really any different to any other form of travel. It's simply being more mindful of the decisions we make and how those decisions impact the things around us. Choose products that:
1) Use sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable, eco-friendly materials.
2) Are made using sustainable, ethical, fair trade work practises.
3) Support the health of this Earth and its people by means of donation or social projects relying on the purchase of their products.
We all have a choice. We all have the power to spend our money a little bit wiser. Use your small actions to make big change.

Perfect Carry-On Essentials Checklist For Eco Friendly Travellers

This carry on bag essentials list is everything you will NEED. There are some checklists out there that add every hoozie-Whats-it and latest gadget, but the goal is to travel lighter and smarter. You can add things to this list as you consider necessary. 
All items on this list are considered for a budget traveller. Each item has also been considered for it's ethical, sustainable production and reduction of single use waste. Follow this perfect carry-on checklist and you'll be on your way to incredible travelling experiences and making a difference in the world!

Ethically Produced Notebook

I can never travel without a notebook. I love to sit down at the end of each day and write down the days event, what I saw, how I felt, quirks that I found interesting about my destination. It's great to write down any important information too. Getting a hint from a local or a hotel staff member, can easily be forgotten. Writing these things down can ensure a smooth journey. Knowing that the paper you're writing on is sustainable sourced too, adds a nice feeling to all your actions. Check out Eco-Friendly notebooks now

Light-Up Pen

These pens will become your new best friend. They are perfect for the responsible traveller. Being mindful of others around you, especially in stressed environments like hostels, airports and planes, is simply being a good human being. These pens allow you to write whenever and whoever you need. Having the inbuilt light allows you to go about your activities without disturbing sleeping or disgruntled people around you. If you're anything like me, great ideas hit at midnight or in the most random crowded places. This allows me to place these ideas on paper without blasting the guests next to me with a full room light and at the same time not straining my eyes. Grab your new best friend now

Lip Balm

Due to the dehydration effects on a plane, your lips will be the first thing feeling and looking less than plump. Choose a product that is just as good for your body as it is for the environment. With all the funky things you'll already be breathing in from the dozens of people in your confined space, don't add more toxins to your body by ingesting icky lip products. Shop organic, yummy, refreshing lip care here

Reusable Water Bottle

A refillable drink bottle is the ultimate carry-on essential! You are allowed to take empty bottles through customs and simply fill up at a tap on the other side. Most airlines will happily fill your bottle for you on the plane too. There's simply no excuse to pay the stupid airport prices for plastic bottled water and continue the single use plastic cycle. These drink bottles are 100% eco friendly in their production, materials, reduction of plastic use and the company plants 10 trees for every purchase made! Stay healthy, feel great and contribute to helping our beautiful planet. Grab yourself the only bottle you will ever need for the rest of your life

Travel Neck Pillow

I'm sure we've all seen the traditional bean filled U-shaped pillows that every casual traveller has. These are made from synthetics and usually aren't that comfortable. This travel pillow is made from sustainable, biodegradable Bamboo fibres and is super comfy! Want to sleep on your next long haul flight? This pillow will be the best thing you will ever sleep with, EVER!


A scarf has a million and one uses when travelling. Keeping it in your carry on allows for half of these uses to be accessible. The biggest reason I use one is when it is cold on a plane. It's not as bulky and heavy as a jumper and easy to wrap around your arms, legs or head. Support a fair trade company and wrap yourself in goodness! Check out this stylish and practical must-have accessory. 

Hair Ties

I always seem to need these at the strangest times. These can be used to tie up hair but also to wrap up snacks or bundle anything to stay organised. Score these organic snag-free ties

Mints / Eucalyptus Drops

I never go anywhere without a small bag of Mints or Eucalyptus Drops. They're great for sucking on whilst the plane is taking off and landing and fighting bad breathe from the dehydration. Manuka Honey drops are fantastic for airport and airplane environments. They help the body naturally fight off any nasties that you may be breathing in. Grab yourself a delicious, organic treat for your next flight

Hydralyte - Electrolyte Replenishing Salts and Minerals

Hydralyte is a travellers best friend. I will never travel without it! It replaces the salts and minerals that your body loses through any form of dehydration. This could be from exercise, sweating on a hot day, illness such as vomiting and diarrhoea or sitting in a plane for 12 hours. Jet lag is primarily your body being over exhausted and dehydrated. Taking a glass of this every few hours will dramatically reduce your jet lag symptoms at the other end. Meaning more time for adventures! Drink up! Get hydrated!

Baby Wipes / Facial Wipes

I love baby wipes! They are so much cheaper than facial wipes and they have the exact same ingredients and are twice/three times the size! No brainer! Because wipes are single-use, shop smart and go for a biodegradable bamboo wipe. Feel refreshed at any stage of your journey and be kind to the environment. Freshen up now

Hand Sanitiser

For everywhere, anytime, any situation, hand sanitiser is a literal life saver! Airports and planes are pretty nasty places, stay clean! Easy to use, compact and great for every part of your journey - up your hygiene game now

Books / Kindle

An eco friendly carry on checklist wouldn't be complete with out a little bit of education material. You will be waiting for hours! At your hostel, in the airport, on the plane, at your destination... waiting waiting waiting. Use this time productively and fill your mind with knowledge! 

Noise Cancelling Headphones

For the best travel experience, you can't go past a solid pair of noise cancelling headphones. It makes any situation and environment much more comfortable. Shut out the world and read your book, write in your diary, plan your next adventure or edit those incredible photos! Take your travels to the next level

Phone Cord

I take my phone cord only on carry on. Most power outlets now have seperate individual USB ports. Save space and weight and don't take your bulky power head. 

Passport Organiser

I love my passport organiser! It's my absolute best friend in crazy stressful airport situations. Every important documents, cash and cards all in one neat place. I was unable to find an ethically produced travel wallet that was big enough to fit cash and extra documents in it, so if you know of one, please email me! Grab your new airport buddy now

A Good Backpack To Fit All Your Ethical Gear Into

Travelling around, chucking, shoving and pushing your bag into tight places and amongst transport can bring on some serious wear and tear. Grab yourself a bag that is going to love every bumpy ride! Patagonia is a fantastic brand for travel gear. They have incredible ethical business practises and support small communities all over the world. This backpack will love you just as much as you love travelling

I hope your enjoy your next adventure now that you're all decked out with the greatest gear that will be durable, versatile and also contributes to a better planet for all! Don't forget to pack your Passport, Phone, Laptop and Camera!

Need a physical checklist? Download my free printable carry-on checklist HERE >>

What have you added to your travel gear lately that is a better choice for the planet?

Have an Earth-Friendly travel buddy? Share this list with them!

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