Glamping in the Teepees of Kings Creek Retreat NSW Australia

Staying In Kings Creek Retreat

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Kings Creek Retreat Glamping In NSW Australia

Kings Creek Retreat offers a place of harmony and re-connection. The natural Australian landscape complimented by the Native American Teepees, creates a magical scene. Birds and wildlife all around, take your time to enjoy the incredible atmosphere. Spend time with loved ones, away from screens and any distractions. Re-connect with the earth, play with the farm animals, collect eggs and get cooking with the wood-fire pizza oven. Enjoy returning 'home', finding yourself again. And enjoy the feeling of pure presence, relaxation and refreshing tranquility. Kings Creek Retreat is high on the list of the best accommodation in the Barrington Coast region, a pure gem of the Mid Coast Area.

Best Glamping Accommodation In NSW Australia


84 Kings Creek Road, Krambach, NSW 2429

Time / Distance From Sydney & Forster

Sydney: 3.5 hours / 299 kilometres
Forster: 38 minutes / 39 kilometres

Inside the teepees of Kings Creek Retreat NSW Australia

Type Of Accommodation

A Farmstay for private groups and mid week couple stays, where you can go Glamping in Teepees, the bunkhouse or Retro Van. The Retreat also hosts a limited number of vintage weddings.

Loads of activities around the farm


Kings Creek Retreat is a fully accommodating Farm stay. There is a large common area with a full kitchen, industrial sized fridges, arcade games, Pool table, jukebox and chill out lounges. There's a large fire pit with a wood-fired oven, A pool for summer time, A giant chess set and Farm animals to feed and play with. The Barn area can also be made available to in-house guests for movie nights, workshops or formal dining.  

It is designed as a complete, self-contained retreat. So it has everything you'll need for a fantastic re-connecting stay.

Common areas around Kings Creek Retreat and farm

Toiletries / Towels Supplied

Yes Towels are supplied. There is soap / dishwashing liquid at sinks. Small toiletries such as shampoo, body wash etc. are not supplied. Tea and Coffee are supplied. Plenty of blankets, pillows and spare sheets are supplied.

Walking inside the Teepees of Kings Creek Retreat NSW Australia

Wifi / Cell Service

The Kings Creek experience gently reminds us that we have to take the time to disconnect in order to enable connection with ourselves, our loved ones, our creativity & this magical environment. There is a very limited amount of cell service (literally a tiny 2 square metre patch of grass). On my visits, I have never missed the cell connection. I haven't felt the need to check Facebook or update Instagram. There's so much around you to keep you entertained and feeling fulfilled. There is no wifi.

Dreamy morning at Kings Creek Retreat

Closest Supermarket To Kings Creek Retreat

This criteria is a biggy whenever I'm looking at Accommodation. In this case, it is especially important. Kings Creek Retreat is completely self-contained and has large facilities for cooking and meal preparation. There's something special about preparing and then indulging in meals with loved ones. Another great way to re-connect. So make sure you make a stop, on your way, to pick up all the essentials.

There is a small convenience store in Krambach on The Bucketts Way - 3 minutes away.
Another small convenience store in Nabiac - 10 minutes away.
With the closest large supermarket being either Woolworths in Tuncurry (35 minutes) or Stocklands Shopping Mall in Forster (38 minutes away).

Fireplace to stay warm and cook your meals!

Restaurants / Dining

The closest dining is Krambach Pub & Bluegums on Bucketts in the Krambach Village – 3 mins away.
There are fantastic restaurants in Forster & Tuncurrry (35 minutes away), such as Aztec Mexican, The Reef Bar and Grill and Spice Monkey Asian Fusion.
There are great cafes, a small grocery store and gift shops in Nabiac (10 minutes away) for breakfast and lunch.

For the best retreat experience, I'd suggest opting for the wood-fire oven meals! Getting back to basics in style! We had an incredible roast and my mouth still waters for the smoked Pumpkin... best I've ever eaten!

Carla and Spud also offer free tech support & cooking classes to DIYers on the wood-fire pizza oven. Or they can fully cater pizza night for you – Adults $25pp & Kids $15pp

Plenty of farm animals to keep you company at Kings Creek Retreat

Bed Quality ( You're Only There To Sleep Right?)

Oh my.... The entire experience of sleeping here is one I want to have more often! Being out in the middle of bushland, cattle paddocks and near abundant creeks, the air is filled with noise! Crickets, Frogs, Birds, Horses, Ducks, Insects - it was a symphony all night long. Curtis found this to be unusual to sleep with, though the insanely comfortable bed lulled him off easily. I loved it! I was in Heaven!
The beds are incredibly comfortable. Thick blankets and soft sheets. Pillows that swallowed up my head in a sea of fluff. Best part - Electric blankets. This Farm stay is perfect all year round!
The mornings Alarm was again another symphony of birds waking up amongst the trees. I could not believe how many chirps, whistles and tweets I could hear as I rose - How many birds were dancing around me as I hugged my morning coffee... It was incredibly magical!

Perfect relaxation at Kings Creek Retreat NSW Australia

Stand Out Feature Of Kings Creek Retreat

The feeling.
As soon as you step onto the grounds, there's this overwhelming welcoming sense of comfort and 'home'. The animals all around, the vibrant Australian bushland - it all beautifully comes together to produce a magical piece of land. 
I felt calm, happy, present and relaxed. The food tasted better, the birds sounded louder and the sky seemed clearer. There was nothing artificial about this place. There's nothing 'put on' to make you do, feel or experience anything. It all simply is. 
Sitting on the grounds, by the beautiful Apple trees and Mulberry bush, I could picture having an incredible weekend here for my Hens party, or a special family gathering, or even my own wedding.... The white dress beaming against the rustic, eclectic shed... Enjoying time here with my love with no distractions, just observing and appreciating.

different accommodation styles to choose from

Best Time Of Year To Visit

Kings Creek Retreat is perfectly accommodating for all seasons and weather conditions. There's plenty of indoor space for entertaining. Electric blankets, a covered fire pit and cosy atmosphere make it a perfect winter getaway. The open paddocks, fruit trees, pool and well ventilated Teepees are excellent for a summer retreat!

Foggy morning at Kings Creek Retreat NSW Australia

Price Range For 2 People

Kings Creek Retreat is a completely private facility. Meaning, when you book, only you will be staying there. You do not share the facility with any other groups, couples or families - it's totally yours.

Minimum rate is from $690/night (includes 10 guests ~ minimum 2 nights).
- 2 or more nights Adults $69/night, Children under 16 $49/night
- 1 night only Adults $89, Children under 16 $69/night
- Minimum 2 nights on weekends & during School Holidays ~ Minimum 3 nights on long weekends

Mid-Week Accommodation - From $178/ night Twin Share (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - Not available during School Holidays)

There are beds for up to 24 guests.

Dreamy farm life at Kings Creek Retreat

Negative Feature or Experience

There is literally nothing I can fault Kings Creek Retreat on. Everything is given a personal touch to make your experience on the Barrington Coast as amazing as possible! Amazing space, lovely hosts and an array of activities so you never want to leave!

Beautiful birds that live at Kings Creek Retreat

Overall Experience

We had a wonderful stay at Kings Creek Retreat! 
As soon as you drive through the gates, step out of your car and onto the grounds, you feel home.
With so much nature around you, it's a photographers dream!
The beautiful Teepees stand high and strong, inviting you in for a wonderful nights rest to recharge and reboot.
The space is open yet cosy - perfect for any group setting!
Carlas unique eclectic style mixed with traditional Native American highlights make this place special. The barn is done up beautifully for weddings, functions, movie nights and dinners. The decor is a collage of Australian nostalgia. From old cans, to the old signs and metal tools, to everything being detailed with fairy lights and hessian trimmings. There's old mixed with new and a little sparkle everywhere!
We enjoyed a wonderful wood-fire oven baked dinner, with marshmallows over the fire for dessert. A good bottle of wine, sky lit up by the full moon and hours of campfire stories made for a perfect night.
I enjoyed feeding the chickens, meeting the horses, pig, sheep, goats and one particular handsome man, Eric - Carla and Spuds Brahman Bull! In The beautiful afternoon sun, Carla and I went for a walk over to his bachelor pad. The cows cleared and he remained chilled as a cucumber laying on the grass. He let us walk right up to him, stretching his neck out for us to come closer. An experience I'll never forget! Sitting in the long grass, with a huge Brahman Bull's head in my lap, purring as Carla gave his neck a good scratch. We all couldn't have been happier than in that moment.
Kings Creek Retreat made for the perfect mid-week getaway! A chance for a good nights sleep, belly full of food and mind full of wonder. I only hope I can return many times in the future, to see this place offer a special place for people's special events.

Inside the barn with eclectic design, perfect for rustic weddings at Kings Creek Retreat

Day Trip Activities From Kings Creek Retreat

Krambach is right in the heart of the Mid North Coast of NSW. This entire area becomes your backyard! From National parkland, to beaches, to coastal rainforest, you can do and go wherever your heart desires!
Nabiac town is a lovely little spot for a day trip. Fantastic Farmer's Markets once a month, gift shops, great cafes and a Motorcycle Museum make up this small town.
Gloucester offers incredible farms and vineyards! You can easily spend a weekend hopping around these little gems, getting exceptional local produce to share around your fire pit at night!
Forster & Tuncurry, and again down in Smiths Lakes & Pacific Palms, you'll find exceptional beaches. With a variety of beaches from patrolled, to shallow and netted, to wild and secluded, to Shelly's Nudey Beach, there's a beach for everyone

For winter, Forster's Amaroo Whale Watching Cruises offer the best Whale Watching experience in NSW! Guaranteed Whale sightings (during the season) or your money back! You'll also get an incredible view of our pristine coastline, Dolphins, schools of fish, marine birds and any other wild animals that come to say hello on the day! It's a memorable experience you simply cannot miss!

Check out The Great Lakes Website for all the activities that are on during your stay.

Teepee surrounded by apple blossoms at Kings Creek Retreat NSW Australia

Booking & Contact Information

All bookings are done through Carla at the Kings Creek Retreat Website
Email: Carla at
Phone: 02 6559 1235

Kings Creek Retreat Facebook & Instagram

Mikayla Jane Travels stayed as a guest of Kings Creek Retreat. All opinions and views expressed in this review are entirely my own. Affiliate links may appear in this article. If you see something that interests you, please use these links. As it helps support my continued free content at no extra cost to you.


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