Spooky Spiders Kindergarten Halloween Art

Halloween Art – Spooky Spiders

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My time in Cambodia was spent teaching English to Kindergarten aged children. A lot of creativity was needed to teach these children, break through the language barrier, and keep them all interested in 'Teacher! Teacher!'
I set aside every Friday for crafts, and as Halloween loomed closer, it was a time to teach them about a little piece of western culture - Halloween! Here's a very simple step by step guide to one of my favourite Halloween Art!

Spooky Spider Kindergarten Halloween Art

What You Will Need:

Spooky Spiders Halloween Kindergarten Art - What you will need

Black Acrylic/Craft paint
• Paint tray / Plate
• Thick white paper - one A4 half per student (this is to fit a 3-5 year olds hand print. If they have larger hands, you'll need to use the full A4 sheet)
• Scissors (for the adult)
• String (about 15cm per spider)
• Hole puncher
• Straws / Popsicle sticks (one per student)
• Lead Pencils (for the children)

Step 1 - Paint onto Hands

TIP: Write each students name on the back of each paper before you start painting. You'll know exactly how many pieces you have and won't mix them up while drying.

Get your paint tray and dollop the paint onto it. Let the student place their hand on the paint, smoosh it around a bit to really get into all the creases.
Make sure to avoid getting paint on their thumb. Spiders only have 8 legs, so 4 fingers are only necessary for one side. This could be a good discussion question before starting the craft.
I found some students either loved this or hated it, there was no in between. The joy of being allowed to be dirty, or the fear from constantly being told by their parents to keep clean, quickly set in.

Spooky Spiders Kindergarten Halloween Art - Step 1

Step 2 - Place Hand On Paper

Place the students hand print along the white paper, ensuring the fingers are slightly spread. Get them to push down on their fingers, again to ensure all the little creases touch the paper. Then repeat Steps 1 & 2 with the other hand. When placing this hand down on the paper, make sure the palm prints are on top of each other, creating the spiders body.

Spooky Spiders Kindergarten Halloween Art - Step 2
Spooky Spider Kindergarten Halloween Art - Step 2
Spooky Spider Kindergarten Halloween Art - Step 2

Step 3 - Dry Overnight

Spooky Spiders Kindergarten Halloween Art - Step 3

Leave the spiders to dry over night / over the weekend. Avoid over-lapping them.Once dry, cut out the spider, leaving a bit of space above the head for a hole to be punched. It doesn't have to be a perfect spider shape, I found doing an odd round cut around the whole image a lot easier.

Then punch a hole through the top of the cut out.
TIP: Don't use oil paint. It takes way too long to dry and doesn't wash off very easily.

Step 4 - Students Draw Faces

Spooky Spider Kindergarten Halloween Art - Step 4 draw faces

Hand out the spiders to their creators, along with a lead pencil.

Get them to draw a face on the spiders main body area. Let them be creative with different emotions and facial expressions, a smiling spider isn't very spooky! I found using a lead pencil best for this, as it shimmers on the pitch black background.

Step 5 - Attach String & Stick, then have FUN!

Tie the string through the hole punched on top of the spider.
Attach the other end to the tip of the straw/stick.
Either by tying or sticky taping.All done!
Your kids now have their very own little spooky spider!
Have fun!

You could also try this craft at any other time of the year, using different coloured paint and paper.

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Spooky Spider Kindergarten Halloween Art - Step 5 attach string


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