Buffalo Mozzarella at Burraduc Buffalo Farm, NSW, Australia

Great Lakes Food Trail Autumn 2018

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The Great Lakes Food Trail NSW Australia - Autumn 2018

It was great to hit the road and explore our wonderful region, celebrating Earth Day by indulging in the best of the best! There's so much high quality produce grown and made in the Barrington Coast area, that is recognised as world class. Award-Winning Wines, Cheese and Beer were all on offer right on our doorstep. How could we have said no to exploring The Great Lakes Food Trail?

Rain during The Great Lakes Food Trail

We were able to see 4 stops out of the 13 stops available along The Great Lakes Food Trail. We had planned on seeing 9, but the weather was truely against us. The mountains of cheese being handed out at Burraduc Farm may have also happily slowed us down. This Sunday was a great day out in the Mid North Coast of NSW!

Burraduc Farm during the Great Lakes Food Trail

First Stop: Our Fish Forster

Our Fish is a recently-opened retailer who provides fresh Wallis Lake seafood. Everything sold here is caught locally and usually caught the same day as you walk in! This is by-far the best fresh Fish and Crabs that I have ever eaten! Open 7 days a week, pop in to get a seafood banquet better than any you'll find lining Sydney's Darling Harbour.

Muddy puddles from all the rain on The Great Lakes Food Trail

Second Stop: Dar Jannah Permaculture Farm

Dar Jannah Permaculture Farm is a self-sustainable property, home to Chickens, Fish, Cows & Ducks. Their permaculture set-up means there's rarely a reason to ever visit the shops. They make French Crepes with organic Berry Jams and Chocolate Jam! Selling Moroccan Homewares, Traditional Aboriginal bush tucker and French Treats, a little taste of the operators roots flows through each little delight on offer here.

Third Stop: Burraduc Buffalo Farm

Burraduc Farm is a passion project turned Award-Winning gem! Elena shares her passion for farming, hoping to promote an alternative to our 'normal' way of running a Farm. Using her voice to show how easy it is to work with the land and animals instead of moulding it all to suit us. Incredibly rich, the Buffalo milk and cheeses are some of the best I've ever tried! The wonderful couple, Dave & Caroline from Kingfisher Cafe, were also on hand, selling their Buffalo milk ice cream and coffees!

Buffalo on Burraduc Farm along the Great Lakes Food Trail
Buffalo at Burraduc Farm

Fourth Stop: Topi Open Range Farm

Topi Open Range Farm has been on my to-do list for a while! They had set up a nice little hub in the front yard with multiple small businesses joining the party. Chef Sarah, Nadine The Cake Queen, Palms Micro Bakery, Little Street Roasters, The Natural Deodorant and Long Table Farm all had their incredible produce on display. By this point the rain had really set in and it was clear we weren't going to make it around to all 9 stops.

Long Table Farm on The Great Lakes Food Trail
Little Street Roasters serving coffee at Topi Open Range Farm
Chef Sarah's Omelette at Topi Open Range Farm

We then made our way along the Pacific Highway and through the country roads of Bulladelah. We headed towards Old Inn Road Vineyards until we hit dirt roads and a creek crossing. Our little VW Golf is definitely not the right car for the journey and we had to unfortunately turn around. The rain, limited time, unsealed roads and then with Bulahdellah's country backstreets making me keel over on the paddock fences, we called it a beautiful day and headed back home to Forster.

We had a fantastic day out taste-testing the best of the best and cannot wait to tick off more destinations on the next Great Lakes Food Trail in Spring 2018.

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