Walking along the rainforest boardwalk towards Grandis The Tallest tree in NSW

Grandis – Tallest Tree In NSW

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Grandis Tallest Tree In NSW Australia

A nice little day trip from anywhere on the Mid North Coast, you'll find the Tallest Tree In NSW. ‘Grandis’ is surrounded by lush coastal rainforest, inside Myall Lakes National Park. With neighbouring trees easily competing for 2nd and 3rd place.

Welcome sign at Grandis picnic area
Information board at Grandis
Walking along the rainforest boardwalk towards Grandis The Tallest tree in NSW


Grandis is located inside Myall Lakes National Park, on Stoney Creek Rd, in between Wootton and Buladelah.
From Forster: Appprox. 1hour. Head south, back down along the Pacific Highway and take The Wootton Way exit. Head through Wootton until you reach Stoney Creek Road. Turn left and follow for about 10km.
or Follow the Lakes Way South and turn right onto Stoney Creek Road, crossing over the Pacific Highway
From Sydney: Approx. 3 Hours. Follow the Pacific Highway North, taking the Lakes Way exit. Turn left onto Stoney Creek Road.

Road through Myall Lake National Park to reach Grandis

This is a dirt road, with many small creek crossings along it. New bridges have been put in place, though care still needs to be taken in wet weather or just after. These new crossings are the latest and greatest improvement to the park. Decreasing travel time and making for a smoother, safer journey.

Looking up at Grandis the tallest tree in NSW
Information board at Grandis

Eucalyptus Grandis is commonly known as the flooded gum. ‘Grandis’ in particular is over 400 years old! The tallest tree in NSW Stands at 77m high with a 12m circumference base. The tree is a symbol of what the ‘old’ rainforest looked like. Before all the logging and human activity has forced the forest to change and somewhat start again. It's a beautiful reminder of how wonderfully strong nature is.


It was hard to get Grandis in a single shot, and at the same time capturing exactly how tall the tallest tree in NSW is!

Here's a comparison of Grandis next to a large Palm tree. Looking teeny tiny next to it!

Comparing a Palm tree to the height of Grandis
Carpark at Grandis

And comparatively this is a different tree. Easily mistaken for Grandis itself. But this is just a less grand grandis 😉
Look how tiny our car looks underneath it! With Grandis being much taller than this tree, I hope this puts it in a bit more perspective for you!

Ultimately you'll just have to take a day trip and visit the tree itself!


Viewing platform in the rainforest around Grandis

Take Your Time

Myall Lakes National Park that protects NSW's largest natural brackish lake system also includes rainforest and beach environments, home to thousands of species of native flora and fauna. Enjoy your time in such a perfectly pristine environment. Take a picnic, a good book and enjoy your surroundings. Let the shade hug you, let your skin be splashed by the speckles of sun rays piercing through the ferns. Listen to the sounds of the birds and wind through the trees. It’s perfect.

Grandis is the tallest tree in NSW Australia

Amenities Available at The Tallest Tree In NSW

There is a picnic table and chairs with a small bin. There is also a small toilet block. No cooking amenities are available. You can no longer walk along the forest floor and touch the tree, with a board walk and viewing platform in place now. Curtis has photos and still remembers hugging the tree as a kid! I think i’m glad this has been changed, to ensure this tree and surrounding environment is maintained so that my children can visit the area in the future! 

Toilet at Grandis
Yellow Helicopter at Coolongolook
Coolongolook roadside businesses

Lunch At Coolongolook

If a picnic isn't your style or you're looking to pick up something to eat at the tallest tree in NSW, stop into Coolongolook. Just look for the big yellow Helicopter as you hit the 80km/hr zone.

Coolongolook is a great all-in-one pitstop with 2 service stations and a playground to let the kids stretch their legs while parents have a coffee. Toilets can also be found here.

For the ‘Best pie on the Mid-North Coast’ visit Platform Pies and Patisserie

With Gluten-free and Dairy-free options available

Lunch time at Platform Pies and Patisserie at Coolongolook NSW Australia

Or grab a mouthwatering seafood delight from the Salty Dog Cafe & Gallery.

Fish and Chips at Coolongolook

Check out Rustic Reproductions for a unique spin on recycled art! Furniture, ornaments and household items, all revamped and spruced up for a brand new life!

Rustic Reproductions at Coolongolook

Have you found any hidden gems of your local area lately? Let me know in the comments!

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