Staring out the window after saying goodbye Camden

Goodbye Camden

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Saying Goodbye To My Home

In 2016 I said goodbye to the one place I can truely associate with the word home, Camden, New South Wales. Growing up here, I really feel connected to the community. A few days in Forster and I'm already reminiscing on the years that shaped me into the woman I am today.

Saying Goodbye Camden - Where My Home & Heart Truely Lies.

Camden harboured my education and work experience. Many of life's 'firsts' were played out amongst the competing dairy farms and major developments. I learnt the true meaning of love, heartbreak, family, friendship and self respect here. Camden gave me the opportunity to be free and truly know what it meant to be from 'rural Australia' while at the same time allowing me a modern, fast-paced mainstream way of life.

lookout at Razorback, NSW, Australia

The freedom I felt traveling through the backstreets of Cawdor, Mount Hunter and Razorback were my escape during tough times like the HSC and the stresses of full time work. Any of these country roads would be randomly picked to drive down on a springtime afternoon to find a spot amongst the sunburnt grass and sit and listen. Listen to the birds, the cows, the tractors, the breeze through the large mature gum trees, who's scent could be bottled up and labelled 'home'.
With a view any millionaire would love as their backyard, my late father rests on the top of Razorback hill. Eagle Road, the streets of Bridgewater Estate and Elderslie will always be extra special places to me, harbouring the truest feelings of comfort, support and guidance.

Razorback lookout in Camden NSW, Australia
black cow in Camden NSW Australia

Changing my car radio from Macarthur's C91.3 to the Central Coasts' Sea FM really flicked a switch, telling me it was time to redirect my feelings of belonging.

Cows drinking from a dam in Camden
baby cow in Camden NSW Australia
Camden, NSW, Australia

Even as lucky as I am, to be able to now walk out my front door and be greeted by the Turqoise of Wallis Lake, I will never again have the 6am alarm of mooing cows, gently chorusing the sunrise in through my bedroom window from the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute.
My Seagull's on Argyle rewards card is now sadly unnecessary. Those smiling faces never to greet 'The Blooms Girl' again with her regular order... 

Seagulls Fish and Chip shop in Camden
Smoothie from Squeeze and Grind in Camden

Though my many identities, ranging from 'The Blooms Delivery Girl' to 'The Girl Who Used To Sing At School' may disappear, I will always hold onto their memory strongly. This town shaped me and I thank it for giving me so many opportunities to stretch my wings and soar, and providing a runway to land back down safely on.

Tree on the top of Razorback, NSW, Australia

The symbols of familiarity have changed from Cows and Kangaroos to Pelicans and Bream, A cafe with a view of the local small businesses, to a view of the local waterway, the afternoon exercise from a bush walk to a beach swim... 

Though many changes are obviously positive, it's all new. And I need to get used to it. The sea breeze is already mucking up my hair and drying out my eyes, I still need to work out the best local eats and I need to google map everything, every time I think about getting in the car...
But I'm excited. I'm eager. I'm hopelessly in love with the romantic dream, that is 'moving out'.
So, goodbye Camden, for now.
A piece of my heart will always be for you.

Mikayla with flowers as she says goodbye to Camden


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