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Goals For 2018 – My Pledge For More Ethical Travel

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Coming to the end of January, I've had plenty of time to think about the direction that Mikayla Jane Travels is going. A lot of previous goals and beliefs are still quite strong and I believe it's all on the right path. I have learnt many precious skills over the last 12 months that have become foundations for making my dream become reality. The knowledge I have gained through observing, participating and interacting with the best of the best has been a wonderful journey!
Reflecting on 2017, now turning and looking to the future 12 months has been an exciting and refreshing experience.
Here are my goals, plans and dreams for 2018!

Promote Ethical Travel, Brands & Products

I pledge, that by the end of 2018, 100% of the brands promoted on Mikayla Jane Travels will be ethical. 

Finding more meaning behind the voice I broadcast daily has been a big goal this month. Through teaching myself about broader issues in the world, I believe I need to make better decisions with my everyday choices. I have a responsibility as a human being to show basic respect to everything and everyone that I interact with. This means finding brands that promote ethical sourcing, production and working conditions. Using ingredients and materials that are recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, reusable, long-lasting, natural, sustainably-sourced and high quality. Brands that pledge to give back to communities and nature either through donations, planting trees, providing education and jobs or supporting small, local farmers. 
One of the greatest and heartwarming things I have discovered through making this decision is that it will be just as easy to run my brand (and my life) this way. Most ethical companies and products are extremely competitive with price, whilst giving you greater value. 
With the alternative being that I just turn away from everything I have learned and continue living my life, spending my money, the way I have been, when it is so easy for me to make these small, daily changes... The question of 'Why Not' has been clear and simple.

Regular Giveaways To Promote These Brands

Everyone loves freebies! To help me on my mission of promoting better brands as options for travellers, I will be running regular giveaways throughout this year. 

Work Through Workaway At A Highland Cow Farm

This has been a HUGE dream of mine for years! Setting my goals for this year, I decided that I'm going to finally make it happen! I have started making the plans and will be jetting off later this year.
But why? Why is this such a dream? Umm... have you ever seen a Highland Cow? They are unbelievably cute! Cows are up there as one of my favourite animals! They are so gentle and loving, like giant puppies.
The Scottish Highlands are also unbelievably beautiful, I cannot wait to visit this part of the world!

Combine My Time In The Scottish Highlands With More Time In Europe

With the flights being so expensive from Sydney to Europe, I want to make the best of my time there! Hopefully spending a few weeks with Curtis, exploring some more of the UK. My yearning for more pretty photos of European cities, doors and landscapes is getting pretty intense! And don't worry, we'll be sure to avoid The White Moose Cafe...

Volunteer My Time To Cleaning Up Our Oceans

Through organisations such as 4Ocean, Plastic Tides, and SO Manly, I want to participate in the cleaning up of our beaches. 
Now that I live by the coast, only a stroll away from Forster Main Beach, I feel this issue is a lot closer to me now. Seeing the horrific effects of single-use plastic pollution in our oceans is heartbreaking. 
My aim is to participate in positive action with like-minded organisations, to get people more aware of the responsibility that every single one of us has to this Earth

My Travel Goals For 2018

More Solo Travel

I haven't travelled solo since 2015 and I think it's about time I got back to it! 
Travelling around solo on the weekends and hopefully back to South East Asia is on the to-do list for the second half of this year. Better start learning how to take better solo photos without my Instagram Husband....

Start Writing My Book

This has been a goal of mine for a while, but it has been very difficult to start. That's why the goal is only to 'start' the book, to just start planning and getting things on paper. If I manage to finish it, it'll be a major win!
It will be on my time Teaching English in Cambodia during the year of 2015. Many major issues that I faced within the country, I still struggle to put to rest. This will not be a small book. This will be very in-depth, detailed and intense to read. So for me to write it, it is going to be a mission and a half! But a mission I am willing to take on this year.

I am truely looking forward to this year with many exciting things to come!

Keep a lookout on Instagram, Facebook & Email for further info on these goals and for all the Giveaways coming up!

Is there something I should add to my list? A destination that I should travel to? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Travels x

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