European Adventure – 5 Weeks Traveling with My Love…

Ultimate 5 Week European Adventure

9415 Kilometres, 34 Days, 27 Cities, 17 Countries, 2 People, 1 Tent.

We chose Topdeck to fuel our European dream and  were extremely happy with the decision.
Neither my partner or I, had ever been to Europe, so we chose this particular trip for a few reasons. We wanted a snapshot of everything, everything organised for us, do it all in the shortest time possible and the cheapest way possible. The 34 day European Adventure ticked all the boxes!

mikayla jane travels with topdeck bus

human pyramid in front of post du gard france europe


We went with the camping option compared with the hotel equivalent, the European Pioneer, for the simple fact it saved us around $2000! We ended up getting upgraded a few times anyway and only spent less than a third of the time actually camping.

palais des papes avignon france europe

sacre coeur france europe

We went to 17 countries including France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Germany.
We went to some lesser known cities such as Antibes, Budva and Dresden.
And also ticked off the major 'bucket list' cities of Paris, Amsterdam, Venice and Barcelona.

eiffel tower paris france europe

big ben tower london uk britain england europe

The Topdeck crew were incredibly knowledgable, friendly, fun and professional (when their skills weren't needed for the beer pong table...)
​From Beth's (our chef) exquisite cooking, to Tom's (our leader) awesome dad jokes, to Ash's (our driver) exceptional driving! I wish I could have brought them home to guide me through my everyday life! I'd definitely be a more established adult.
leaning tower of pisa italy europe

parliament building budapest europe

The best part was getting a little of a lot. We tasted so many new foods (and ate way too many baguettes and gelato), tried out new languages and saw so many incredible cities and landscapes.
One drawback is that we did, along with every person on our bus, get very sick. It's unfortunately just something you cannot avoid on such a massive adventure of beer, no sleep and pizza.
escargot paris france

creme brûlée paris france europe

chocolates market barcelona spain europe

food in budapest europe


curtis and mikayla jane travels on top of florence italy europe

The big question...

Are we still in love? Yes!
​Not only did we survive 5 weeks of non-stop adventure, illness, laughter, beer and setting up a tent together, but we are now closer than ever!
​I could not be happier and I'm so glad i invited him on a whim, before we were even dating (risky i know!)

sailing in greece europe

topdeck group and bus

Although the 'wake up' song will haunt me forever, I can't wait to travel with Topdeck again! I cannot recommend this tour company higher! The trip ticked off absolutely everything we wanted in a quick, jam-packed adventure!
mikayla jane travels on amsterdam sign netherlands europe

plitvice lakes croatia waterfall europe


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