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Camden Show – Still a Country Show…

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Camden Show, Still A Country Show
This year, I had to, without fail, make my way to the Camden show! I had been so excited for this show, for so many reasons!
One, I am a super proud Camdenite and love to call this town home! Two, I missed it last year whilst in Cambodia. Yeah yeah, I had chickens, ducks, cows, fresh produce all around me… But! This time last year I was hitting my peak in homesickness and all I wanted to do was be home, surrounded by everything that is typical Rural Australia. Three, I work in town now, and have been watching the community transform with and embrace the Camden Show fever.
I just couldn’t miss it!

Camden Show - Still A Country Show

clown game at camden show

carousel at camden show

information booklet and carnival games

March 11th & 12th 2016
Next Show: FRIDAY 16th & SATURDAY 17th
MARCH, 2018
8am - 11pm, last entry 9.30pm

Admission Fees -
Family: $60
Seniors: $15
Adult: $25
Student: $20
Child: $15
Children under 6yo: Free

white cow at camden show

brown cow at camden show

cows at camden show

This year I was super excited for the daytime activities - such as woodchopping, Animal showcasing, fresh produce displays and the interesting market stalls… The Camden Show did not disappoint!

bee keeping demonstration at camden show
Beekeeper Allistair - Macarthur Beekeepers Association


australian jerky market stall
Maria Company - Ladybug Preserves. Selling a range of award-winning jams, relishes, sauces and jerky, including the flavoursome Kangaroo Jerky!
home made spices at camden show
Dean Shaw & Michael Zahra from Your Inspiration At Home - amazing array of quality organic dips, teas and coffees!
freshly pressed apple juice at camden show
Peter from the Common Ground Cafe and Bakery in Picton

horse and carriage at camden show

fruit and veg carving
Fruit & Vegetable carving - Macarthur Centre of Sustainable Living
roughly carved bear wood chopping camden show
The Lumberjack Show - bear Carving done with chainsaw

burrumbuttock hay runners truck

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners
​Helping farmers survive the drought and giving them hope! Fantastic cause for the back bone of this country! I had been meaning to donate for months online, it was fantastic to see these guys at the Camden Show and so got the opportunity to donate in person!
Pictured alongside the truck is the Police Car from Batman: Dark Knight Returns.

With the show celebrating its 130th year, we sadly said goodbye to not only a legend of the show, but of Camden itself. Victor Maxwell (Vic) Boardman was a receiver of many a prize and award for not only his produce, but also his personal contributions. Passing away in June 2015, he was a true character of Camden with the entire community benefiting from his generosity and knowledge. He will be greatly missed!

vintage cars at camden show

ginger bread man from market at camden show
Gingerbread Man from Casa Di Miele, selling Italian Honeybread, Gingerbread, imported and homemade nougat and nut toffees - he was soo yummy!
prize winning pumpkin at camden show
Award winning Pumpkin - Congratulations!

I got to see my fair share of giant pumpkins, fabulously groomed roosters and glorious hand made edibles, and when the sun went down, it was nothing but a kaleidoscope of rowdy, sugary, fun!
My picks for this years best rides included 2 of my all time favourites!
1. Break Dance, 2. The Zipper and 3. The Rebel

rides at camden show
The Rebel
break dance ride at camden show
The Break Dance

Major tip: When riding The Zipper, do not carry coins (or anything) in your pocket!! They will, without a doubt…. no matter how tight those booty shorts are… come flying out and have your cage ending up like a lotto machine. Just so my readers don’t have to, I learnt the hard way…

petting ducks at camden show

chickens and guinea pigs at camden show

3 goats at camden show

The thing I love about the Camden Show is how diverse it is! There’s food from literally every part of the globe! Farming equipment rusting and shining, innovative products that have worked for generations and are yet to stand the test of time, animals all shapes and sizes, and crowds from 0-100 years old!

wood chopping and australian flag
Amazing weather for this years Camden Show! The pole at the Lumberjacks Show

show horse

charlie the bull
Charlie the Bull

petting famous charlie the bull


I truely hope the Camden Show never loses it’s true Country Australian feel. Though visibly quieter this year, I do believe holding onto community events such as these is very important for the future of Australia.​ 

Have you been to an event that truely captures the essence of that country? 
Let me know in the comments!


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