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Checking In: Bombah Point Eco Cottages

The Perfect Couples Retreat In NSW Australia - Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Bombah Point Eco Cottages are a perfect getaway for couples and families. Each cottage being extremely private, you're own luxury treehouse awaits you anytime of year. With the perfect mix of nature and homely comforts, you'll want to stay longer than you planned. Close to plenty of incredible day trips, choosing between adventure or relaxation will be your biggest stress. Eco-friendly and completely self-sustainable, Bombah Point does not disappoint. Reconnect with yourself, your loved ones and nature. Appreciation and gratitude filled my heart as we enjoyed this bushland retreat. Book your next weekend getaway now!


969 Bombah Point Rd, Bombah Point NSW 2423

Bombah Point Eco Cottages are located in Bombah Point on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, Australia

Time/Distance From Sydney & From Forster

Sydney: 3 hours / 246 kilometres
Forster: 1 hour / 79 kilometres

Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Type Of Accommodation

Self-Contained, Eco-Friendly, Luxury Cottages

Bombah Point Eco Cottages


Bombah Point Eco Cottages has everything covered! A common area with a kitchen, 'honesty' pantry, pool, games room (for all ages 0-99), adults 'chill' area and lounge make up the hub of the site. Add a splash of incredible nature to the mix with an orchard, veggie patch and chickens to keep you well fed and entertained. Bombah Point Eco Cottages has a huge site, with multiple bush walking tracks and mountain biking trails to take advantage of!

Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Restaurants / Dining

There are no restaurants near Bombah Eco Cottages. The closest cafes are in Bulladelah - 15 minutes drive away. The one road in and out is unpaved with no street lights. I would not recommend going out for dinner if you are not confident driving in these conditions at night. Relax by your fire with a bottle of wine and your gourmet picks from the days adventures instead.

Bombah Point Eco Cottages does offer extras such as Hampers (organised prior to stay), Continental Breakfasts ($15/pp) and Full Breakfasts ($20/pp). Ask about these options when booking.

The only thing that could make this place complete with whipped cream and a cherry on top, would be a gourmet organic restaurant. But really, I think it would spoil the whole tone of the hideaway. Getting back to nature is fun, but takes away some comforts, rewarding you instead with some incredible highlights - like collecting & cooking extra fresh eggs with hand picked spinach, oregano and freshly squeezed orange juice. Waking up to this is something my soul has yearned for and it was so so happy i delved right into these farm-life activities.

Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Toiletries / Towels supplied

Yes, small toiletries and towels are supplied. Along with dishwashing liquid, cling wrap and firewood + fire starting supplies.

Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Wifi / Cell Service

There is full cell coverage for the Optus Network throughout the entire site. Wifi is available in the reception area.

Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Closest Supermarket To Bombah Point Eco Cottages

There is a small IGA in Bulahdelah, 15 minutes away. You do have to pass this Supermarket on your way to the Cottages so it's a good pitt stop. For more variety, or specialty items you may want to visit a Woolworths or Coles in a major town on the way. Hawks Nest, Forster, Taree and Raymond Terrace are all good major stops, depending which direction you're coming from.

Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Bed Quality (you're only there to sleep right?)

Oh man.... This Queen-Sized bed was sooooo goooooood. From the fireplace filling the cabin with natural warmth, an electric blanket and the softest, fluffiest doona i've ever experienced, this sleep was near perfect! Plenty of spare blankets available. With the Cottages being so open, you can let the natural light from the moon, stars and sunrise flood in or close up the blinds and enjoy 'no alarm clock' time.

What's that pitter-patter? 
Don't be alarmed by the (extra) friendly Brush Turkeys that call the area home. They like to welcome themselves to new guests. Their claws making an obvious sound as they creep around the windows, making sure you know that they will happily eat up any food scraps you may have leftover. Remember, feeding them does encourage them, so if their naked red heads creep you out too much, just ignore them and give your scraps to the Chickens instead.

Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Stand Out Feature of Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Again, i'm going to be a bit naughty here and can't stick to just one. 

Help Yourself:

In the common room, you will find a table displaying all the produce that is in season and ready for you to pick! It's a wonderful little display to get the ideas flowing and an understanding before you head down to the Orchard. Fantastic for families who are looking to educate and have fun with the kids as well. 

'Honesty' Pantry

Again in the common area you will find a large pantry, with fridges and shelves stocked full of food and local produce which you can buy. It's fantastic for if you forget anything or stay longer than planned. Literally you will find everything here. From pasta to steaks, and ice creams to emergency chocolate cheese and wine. Among the options are plenty of local produce items. Like jams, marmalades and honey! Support the locals and grab something fresh and pure.

Information Everywhere!

Being 100% Eco-Friendly and Self sustainable takes know-how and hard work. A huge passion of Bombah Point Eco Cottages is passing on that knowledge to its guests. To show how easy all of these little practises are to implement into any home. How beneficial giving back to the cycle of life is through the free interaction with the orchard and Chicken pen. Inside the cottages themselves you'll find a binder. Grab a cuppa, lie down in your hammock and scroll through the pages. It's jam-packed with tonnes of info of the National Parklands of Bombah Point. How many animals will you spot? How many will you be able to name? What exciting dishes can you cook up from using the orchard and veggie patch? What day trips and activities are available? This binder has everything! A fantastic, easy implementation by the owners to make guests feel welcome, intrigued and filled with inspiration!


Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Best Time Of Year To Visit

Bombah Point Eco Cottages are designed for all seasons. With a fireplace, electric blankets and extra fluffy Doonas, you'll be snuggled up, not wanting to leave your bush hideaway anytime soon.
With a pool, excellent bushwalking tracks, and incredible openness of the cottages, this getaway is a fantastic option during the warmer months too!

Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Price Range For 2 People

Weekend $325 p/n
Mid week $275 p/n excluding peak periods

Eco Lovers Package $749 - Includes 2 nights in an eco cottage for 2 adults

- Welcome nibbles & Complimentary sparkling wine
- First morning Full Breakfast hamper with free range eggs
- 2-3 hours Double kayak hire
- Late checkout - on request

Negative Feature or Experience

Honestly, there is nothing I can fault this hideaway on. 
Everything was above satisfactory! The friendly service and knowledge from the wonderful owners Duncan, Suzie & Gail brings passion to all aspects of the operation. Every little detail of the cottages was clearly attended to. The grounds are currently going through a bit of a revamp, but it was actually nice to see. Being near totally self-sustainable means a lot of continuous hard work. To see this aspect being focused on, brings light to how important it is to our everyday lives. But also how easy it is to implement some of these practises at home. Bringing a slice of education and inspiration to your stay.

Overall Experience

We had a wonderful experience at Bombah Point Eco Cottages. It was the perfect winter hideaway. With the bush hugging us and the fireplace warming our hearts, this step back into nature was refreshing. 

It rained on and off during our stay, making everything sparkle. The pitter-patter of rain on our cottage, as we cooked our fresh, organic meal is a sensory happy place, i will lock in my mind forever. 

An afternoon bush walk through pristine coastal bushland, in search of Koalas, was a magical afternoon activity to reconnect my mind body and spirit. Though no Koalas were found, the walk did not disappoint. Refreshing, peaceful and solitary, the wind proving to me how much there is to see and hear if we just take the time for ourselves. If everybody gave themselves this quiet half an hour everyday to be alone with nothing but nature, i think the world would be a much happier place.

I cannot tell you how overly delightful it was to discover our electric blanket as we got ready for bed. A luxury i have only ever enjoyed on my trips to my grandmothers house growing up, an electric blanket was a luxurious cherry on top of a perfect night in. 

Some may say I did the morning all wrong, but I couldn't have been happier. Setting my alarm for 6, I chucked on my jumper  and boots, last nights food scraps in hand, and toddled down to the chicken pen. The mist through the bush and dew on the veggie patch, it was a wonderful start to a winter's morning. Feeding the scraps to the already wide-awake Chickens, I exchanged them a few eggs. A scenario i don't have the privilege of acting out in my everyday life. Just like a sunrise in Greece or a pre-breakfast river cruise in Borneo, this morning was a treasure of my trip, I won't soon forget.

Though there are many cottages on the site, we felt we had our own private patch among the trees at all times. We never saw any other guests, nor heard any. We felt secluded but safe. Comfortable yet enriched. A reconnection with ourselves, our daily lives and our surroundings.

Day Trip Activities From Bombah Point Eco Cottages

There are 3 major day trips you can take from Bombah Point. You can either choose to catch a ferry at Bombah Point Ferry Terminal to cross Myall Lake or you can go the long way around via the Pacific Highway. Depending on which is more important - time or cost.

Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Dark Point Sand Dunes

This huge expanse of sand is incredible! Grab a boogie board, a picnic, a beach umbrella and have a blast here all day long! It is a bit of a hike to the water, but take your time and enjoy every step.

Checking In: Sugarloaf Lighthouse Seal Rocks NSW Australia

Seal Rocks

A 40 Minute trip north will bring you to Seal Rocks & Sugarloaf Point. Explore the incredible beaches, bushland and walking tracks that surround Sugarloaf Lighthouse! Again, best to pack a picnic, boogie board and beach umbrella, to take advantage of the full day out.

Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Hawks Nest

A 40 Minute drive south will bring you to Hawks Nest, probably the closest major town apart from Bulahdelah. Here you'll find pristine beaches, whale watching cruises and some great bushwalking tracks.

Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Tea Gardens

A small town across the water from Hawks Nest invites you in with it's delightful waterfront cafes, restaurants and lolly shop! A perfect stop for an afternoon walk, ice cream in hand! Quiet and quaint, don't underestimate this little gem.

Bombah Point Eco Cottages

Booking & Contact Information

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Mikayla Jane Travels stayed as a guest of Bombah Point Eco Cottages. All opinions and views expressed in this review are entirely my own. Affiliate links may appear in this article. If you see something that interests you, please use these links. As it helps support my continued free content at no extra cost to you.

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