Best Restaurants In Forster NSW Australia

Best Restaurants In Forster NSW Australia

The Best Restaurants In Forster NSW Australia

Forster has so many incredible little gems just waiting for you to discover! We have dozens of beautiful farms and major food suppliers right in our backyard! 
Come explore the great produce this area has to offer. Check out some of the absolute best eats on the Mid-North Coast of NSW Australia!
If you're staying in the area, be sure to check out some of these establishments. There's something for everyone! Great cocktails, meals, light snacks, breakfast by the water or dessert to die for.... These are the best restaurants in Forster!

Best Places To Eat In Forster NSW Australia

Breakfast in Forster

Beach Bums Cafe

This cafe is an iconic symbol of Forster. Situated right on Forster Main Beach, this cafe ticks all the boxes! It has the best view out of all restaurants on this list. Head down early for a coffee, catching the Dolphins in the waves as the sun rises on the horizon. During Whale Watching season, you'll often be able to see them playing off shore from your seat. Perfect coffee, perfect location and friendly service! This is the best place to have breakfast in Forster!

My pick: The Breakfast Burrito!

Beach Bums Cafe | Best Restaurants In Forster

Beach Bums Website | Facebook | Instagram

Also Try....

Tartt Cafe - Funky vibe!
Kellies Cafe - Fantastic coffee!
All Things Yum - Incredible tarts and cakes!

Best Restaurants in Forster for Lunch!

Spice Monkey

This is an Asian Fusion restaurant in central Forster, overlooking the water. Everything is hand made from scratch, making the flavours jump right off the plate! Every dish is mouth watering-ly authentic! The decor and atmosphere is really cool, bringing that Asian style with a twist, to everything. The service here is always friendly and fast - something I look forward to when i'm craving a particular dish! To help get me through from ordering to eating, i'm always satisfied with a perfect Pina Colada! Spice Monkey has a large bar to compliment your divine dishes. With cocktail specials everyday, specialty asian liquors, sake and hand-crafted beer - You won't go thirsty!
There is plenty of variety in the menu, with everything from noodles, dumplings, sushi and more to choose from.

Spice Monkey Forster | Best Restaurants In Forster

It's the perfect place to catch up with friends! Spice Monkey is also fantastic for afternoon drinks, with outside seating and a small Tapas menu. Great atmosphere, fantastic location and incredible food - I have never been more delighted to recommend a restaurant.

My Pick: Entree - The Crab Dumplings and Satay chicken skewers - The best you will ever eat!
Main - The Special Lunch Box. This is a box (divided plate) filled with a variety of (set) items from the menu. It's perfect for when you just can't settle on one dish because they are all just so delicious. My problem exactly! Hey Presto! They've fixed the problem for you. Allowing you to try about 4 items from the menu, without feeling like a giant poor fatty! The items inside the box change all the time, making it perfect to try a little of a lot!

Spice Monkey Website | Facebook | Instagram

Afternoon Drinks in Forster

Hamilton's Oyster Bar

Too late for lunch? Not quite dinner time? Just want to hang out with some friends on a beautiful afternoon? Then check out Hamilton's for fantastic cocktails and seafood! Hamilton's sits right on the water on Tuncurry's edge. Stunning views of Wallis Lake, sunsets over the water and Dolphins enjoying an afternoon feed. Hamilton's has some of the best cocktails in town! And of course their Pina Coladas are to die for. 
Hamilton's offers fresh Wallis Lake Oysters, picked fresh daily and shucked on the premises. Much of their menu comes from local growers and suppliers. Enjoy a perfect afternoon here anytime of year!

My Pick: The Seafood Platter with a Pina Colada

Hamiltons Oyster Bar | Best Restaurants In Forster

Hamilton's Oyster Bar Website | Facebook | Instagram

Also Try....

Reef Bar & Grill - Fantastic views of the other side of Wallis Lake
Spice Monkey - Small tapas available between lunch and dinner menus
Aztec Mexican - Happy Hour 5-6pm
Dashers Bar & Grill - Over-the-top milkshakes for non-alcohol drinkers

Dinner in Forster

Aztec Mexican

The best Mexican food I have ever eaten. Hands down! It is so easy for me to make this big statement. Everything about this place leaves you wanting more! (if you can fit it in)
All meals are massive! I practically roll back home after every visit. The food is very authentic, not dulled down or manipulated for 'western' tastes. All menu items are gluten free - major stand out winning factor in the town. All sauces are home made - yum! Head on down every Friday for an awesome atmosphere with live music.
They have an extensive cocktail list with happy hour from 5-6pm everyday. The Sangria is to die for! Oh and yes the Pina Colada.... It is the biggest and strongest (woohoo!) Pina Colada I've ever had! 
Oh and one last thing ..... $3 Taco Tuesdays.... need I say more?

My Pick: Fish Taco for an entree. Deluxe Nachos with Chicken, Guacamole & Sour Cream for main. Of course adding a glass of Sangria to it all!

Aztec Mexican Website | Facebook | Instagram

Aztec Mexican | Best Restaurants In Forster

Reef Bar & Grill

The Reef has an easy, casual atmosphere.All meals are exceptional and smash all expectations! There's a large variety on the menu, making it easy for families and big groups. They're best known for their incredible gourmet pizzas! Again, as with most restaurants on this list (hmm.... maybe my Pina Colada obsession is getting the better of me.... nah!) their bar has an extensive range, with their cocktails tasting extraordinary every time! Reef Bar & Grill has a fantastic view of Wallis Lake. Head on over for an earlier dinner to catch the beautiful sunset and watch the Dolphins playing in the Lake.

My Pick: Spicy Prawn Pizza

Reef Bar & Grill Website | Facebook | Instagram

Reef Bar & Grill | Best Restaurants In Forster

Kingfisher Cafe

This cafe ticks all the boxes, then adds more items to the list and ticks those too. This is my favourite restaurant in Forster. Absolutely exceptional in every way!
It is only very small, being run entirely by Caz & Dave! Adding small country town charm that simply cannot be manufactured. Their care, passion and friendliness is clear in everything. Dave cooks his heart out while Caz tends to every customers needs. The exclusivity continues as they are only open Friday and Saturday nights. (Hours may be extended during peak season)
All ingredients are sourced locally, including the wine list. There is a new menu everyday to compliment what is in stock and in season - that is just incredible! They have told me about a famous Fish Amok dish they like to serve every once in a while, my name is on the waiting list next time it pops up!

Kingfisher Cafe | Best Restaurants In Forster

I have never had such succulent chicken in my life! The meals are simple, but handcrafted to make every ingredient stand out! Simply no reason this cafe would not be on a list of the best restaurants in Forster!
No cocktails here, but with Caz's recommendations, you won't be left dry!
Their knowledge and passion is something I want to bottle up and swig whenever i'm feeling down. They're relationship is beautiful! They have created an incredible space for locals to come and enjoy the best the community has to offer!

My pick: Whatever you desire on the night! Everything will be delicious! But if Dave is making his butterscotch sauce for a desert, order a bowl of it! It was the best sauce I have ever tasted!

Kingfisher Cafe Website | Facebook | Instagram

Also Try...

Restaurant 26 - Huge selection of meals and great Pina Coladas
The Sicilian - Fantastic Italian meals by the water!
The Royal Indian Tuncurry - The best Indian restaurant in town! We eat here at least once a week, with the service being impeccable too!

Dessert In Forster

Natural Waffle Ice Cream Parlour

This dessert house has been in the area for many years! Trudy, today's owner, is bringing back the good ole' times with a classic Waffle maker! The smell walking passed the shop now is drool-worthy enticing! All ice cream is premium quality. It's our favourite place in town because you get a massive serving every time! Value for money here is exceptional! 
They also serve incredible insta-worthy sundaes, milkshakes, smoothies, and classic lollies.
You'll easily find this place in the main street of Forster - just follow the line out the door.

My Pick: The Warm Brownie Sundae OR The Rocky Road Sundae OR The Chocolate & Strawberry Waffles OR The Banana Split Sundae.... oh my it is hard to choose, just get one of each! 

Natural Waffle Ice Cream Parlour Facebook | Instagram

Natural Waffle Ice Cream Parlour | Best Restaurants In Forster

Also Try...

Swirl Frozen Yoghurt Bar
Aztec Mexican - Their Churros are warm, crunchy and super cinnamon-y!

Have you visited the Mid North Coast of NSW yet? Have you had any incredible cocktails or meals that I should also check out? Let me know in the comments.

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