Ultimate Travel Gift Guide For Any Budget

50+ Best Travel Gifts

All opinions and views expressed in this article are entirely my own. Affiliate links may appear in this article. If you see something that interests you, please use these links. It helps support my continued free content at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

This list compiles 50+ of the best gift ideas for the travel junkie in your life!
Something for every type of traveller and every budget!
I have spent hours researching every item on this list for quality, durability, price competitiveness and convenience! All of these items I have either used myself or plan on buying for my upcoming trips in 2018 - so you know they are 100% traveller approved! All prices are in USD.
With the best travel gifts all in one list, you can easily spoil your wandering nomad!

50+ Gift Ideas For Travellers

Best Travel Gifts For In The Home


1. Jetsetter Scratch-Off Water Colour World Map - $30

Every traveller needs this in their home! Add a bit of colour to your travel stories with this water colour design.

Buy Now >>

2. Cork Globe - $59

Another perfect addition to any travellers' home. Depending on the space available, this is a great alternative to the scratch off poster!

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3. Water Colour World Map Pillow - $9

Perfect Travel Gift for any lounge room, guest room, reading nook, bedroom or office!

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4. Travel Fund Money Box - $44

I received this money box as a gift from my mum last year and I love it! It's stylish, a practical size and i love that you can see the money inside the box! It keeps me motivated towards my travelling goals! Perfect for any travellers home!

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Try The World Subscription Box is a fantastic wanderlust themed present

5. Buy Your Friend A 'Try The World' Monthly Subscription Box - $29-$39/month

Each month your nomadic pal will receive a box of goodies, to bring the flavours of the world into their home! With a new country every month, this is the gift that keeps on giving. There's plenty of different options to fit every budget! Only available to American residents.

Sign them up using this link and they'll receive 1 month FREE! Subscribe Now >>

Book review of Rebirth by Kamal Ravikant

6. Travel Themed Books

Get their wanderlust juices flowing by giving them a good read! Adventure, love, journeys of discovery and humorous tales... there's a book to captivate any mind!

Here are a few of my picks.....
Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations on Every Continent
Rebirth: A Fable of Love, Forgiveness, and Following Your Heart
The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World (Lonely Planet)
On the Road: The Original Scroll (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)
Travels with Charley in Search of America

7. Compass Necklace - $40

A more personal travel gift, this sterling silver necklace is perfect for any wandering woman! "Even when you are far away from friends and family or facing life's challenges you have the courage and power inside to navigate your own way. Life is an adventure and this compass will remind you to enjoy the journey as you wander, dream, and reach for your goals."

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A travel gift that's free - Brochures from your local travel agent will kickstart their wanderlust!

8. Travel Brochures - FREE

Does your travel junkie friend have a dream destination on their bucket list? A place they cannot stop talking about but they just won't book the flights? Head down to your local Travel Agent and grab some brochures. Give it to them as a bit of inspiration! They can use the brochures for research, use it to make a motivation collage or literally take them back down to the Agent and finally book a trip! 

Travel Gear - Gifts To Get Them On The Road


Osprey Backpacks are a travellers best friend!

9. Carry On Backpack - Approx. $200

This is a biggy! They need something to carry all this wonderful gear in right?
So usually I've travelled with a large 80litre backpacker pack, which has been great for our Europe and Cruising holidays, but from now on i'm going to try and only travel with carry-on luggage. This way you save a TONNE of time and money at airports, when purchasing flights and also travelling around in general.
I've done hours of research for this decision of my own bag and i've come to the conclusion that the Osprey Fairview 55 will be the best fit for me. Here are the bags I'd recommend:
Osprey Farpoint 55L Backpack - This is a 2 in 1 Backpack - The original 40L Farpoint, with a 15L Day pack attached. It can be worn on top of each other or separately. Literally the perfect travel combination!
Osprey Farpoint 40L Backpack
- designed for men - great carry on size with fantastic features
Osprey Fairview 40L Backpack - designed for women - great carry on size with fantastic features
Tortuga Travel Backpack 44L - Still in carry on size limit for MOST airlines, but restricted when it comes to small budget airlines, with 4 more litres than Osprey.

10. Packing Cubes - $19

You cannot travel without packing cubes! They are a life, space and time saver! Organise any bag into your own compartments - one for underwear, tops, pants and toiletries. No need to rummage around looking for something, then having to repack everything again. They also help compress your items, ensuring a more comfortable fit on your back.

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11. Luggage Tag - $9

With most check in luggage being black, make your bag stand out in a subtle but easy way. Not taking up any space, lightweight, durable leather material and eye-catching, this luggage tag ticks all the boxes of a travel essential!

Buy Now>>

12. Quality Travel Organiser - $34

This wallet has been my best friend through all of my travels in the past 4 years. It has the space for all travel documents, boarding passes, passport, cash and credit cards. It's not bulky, it's RFID blocking and is super easy to use! Anything to save time and stress! This is a lifesaver in busy airport and hostel environments.

Buy Now >> 

13. Passport Cover - $12

To protect, recognise and personalise! Grab something to remind them of you, every time they pull out their passport. Protecting the most valuable piece of luggage is important - do it in style!

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14. Day Pack - Anti Theft Satchel - $30

Perfect for wandering around any city, town or on small day tours, this bag also ensures the safety of your belongings. With pick-pocketers always a thing to be aware of in crowded, popular areas, you'll have peace of mind, knowing there's no chance your valuables will get stolen. Slash proof, RFID blocking lining, lockable zips and waterproof - this is the bag of travelling dreams!

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Bear In Mind Journals are the perfect gift for your travelling friend

15. Bear In Mind Logbook Journal - $17

These travel journals are made by travellers for travellers. They are durable, waterproof, eco-friendly and only take 60 seconds to fill out each page! They are the perfect travel buddy! Never forget those precious moments that absolutely make a trip - from restaurants, people, to the weather and mood you were in, there's plenty of room to jam pack every piece of detail you experienced! There's 5 styles to choose from, personally my favourite is the Backpacking Journal.

Check out the full range on their website - www.bearinmind-logbooks.com

16. Glovion Light Up Pen - $17

Travelling puts you into some odd situations - hostels, jam-packed trains, the back of a Tuk Tuk during a monsoon.... and a lot of the time, we like to document these incredible moments! To go with their travel journal, grab them a light up pen! This way journaling can be done anytime, anywhere, most importantly, without disturbing anyone else.

Buy Now >>

17. First Aid Kit - $25

We all like to think we're invincible and 'that situation will never happen to me' - but it can. It always can. So be prepared! This kit is lightweight, small in size, has a good number of things they will actually use, and has a bit of space if they want to add a few more bits to it. This kit will ensure the safety, comfort and peace of mind of your traveller and yourself as you watch their travels through Instagram!

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18. Microfibre Towel - $19

A compact, microfibre towel is an essential for any traveller! Most accommodations supply towels, but what about the beach? Gym? Hostels? Camping? Trekking? Great for long adventures or weekend trips! This particular towel comes in a nice gift box with a bonus small hand towel! A Fantastic gift for any adventurer!

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19. Travel Pack Manicure Set - $9

You do not, just simply do not, want to get to the 3-4 week mark and need to borrow some strangers nail clippers, trimming scissors or tweezers.... nope nope and no thank you! Keep your wandering nomad fresh and groomed with this neat little stainless steel manicure set!

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20. Toiletries Pack - $19

The best travel gifts save time, money, weight and space. For all your essentials, at a carry-on size, grab this all in one toiletries pack! Great for any destination and travel time!

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21. GoToobs - Refillable Toiletries Containers - $20

For me, I am very particular with the products I use on my body. So I like to fill my own travel containers. Do you have an earth-friendly, sensitive skinned, eco-conscious travel buddy? These tubes are great! They are easy to fill, easy to use and can even suction onto a mirror!

Buy GoToobs Now>>
Buy GoTubbs Now >>

22. One Drop Deodoriser - $8 for 2

This is the greatest thing ever created! It's tiny, light, super effective and literally only takes 1 drop! This little bottle will save you when sharing hostels, camping or going away on romantic getaways! It's perfect!

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23. Dr Bronner's 18-in-1 Hemp Soap Wash - $32 for 2 Bottles

This wash will cover EVERYTHING! It's a simple all natural detergent, with peppermint oil added to make everything fresh again. Use for Shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, clothes detergent.... literally clean anything and everything with this awesome wash!

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24. Mosquito Repellant Bands - $14 for 12 pack

These bands take up less space and are an incredibly light alternative to mosquito spray. They are super effective too! I used these in remote Cambodia - one on my wrist, one on my ankle - and I was very happy with how well they worked. They don't make you smell super chemically either, like the sprays usually do. These are just all round fantastic for any destination! I'll even be wearing this summer as I enjoy my home town in Australia!

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25. Neck Pillow - $16

For flights, buses, trains, cheap-ass hostels, hammocks.... anywhere, anytime! This particular pillow is inflatable, so saves space when not in use! It has a built in pump, making it super easy to use!

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26. Sleeping Mask - $13

Jet lag is the absolute worst part about travelling. Ensure your buddy doesn't get grumpy, by getting them this super comfy sleeping mask. Ensuring rest whenever it's needed - flights, busy hostels, trains, a hammock by the beach....

Buy Now >>

27. Quality Water Proof Light Weight Jacket - $120

Great for any destination, this water-proof jacket folds up into a nice little pocket sized pouch, allowing for easy storage when not in use. I recommend the Patagonia brand for its quality and ecological business ethics!

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28. Travel Symbol Booklet - $11

This can be used in a million different situations! Universal signs for everyday items and places, break through the language barrier and have a safer, smoother journey! Small, Compact and light weight - the perfect travel gift!

Buy Now >>

29. Opar Car Pillow - $47

For roadtripping, weekend getaways and local adventures, this pillow is going to save you so much money on accommodation!

Buy Now >>

Airbnb Vouchers are a great travel gift!

30. Airbnb Credit - FREE

Does your travelling friend need a bit of encouragement? Needs a hand with financial side of things? Sign them up for an Airbnb account using this link and they will receive $50AUD off their first stay! That'll get them going! Stay in unique, culturally rich accommodation for the fraction of the cost of traditional accommodation! Save on time and money by having your own kitchen and laundry and staying in a single place for a longer period of time.

Sign Up For Airbnb Today >>

Skillshare - Best Travel Gift

31. Skillshare Subscription - $11/month

Skillshare is like a hybrid of YouTube Tutorials and online University lectures. You can learn ANYTHING on Skillshare from quality teachers, at your own pace! I love this website for its classes on languages, cooking classes from all over the world, creative skills and even financial courses! Is there are new skill your nomadic friend has been itching to learn? Use this link and your friend will also receive their first 2 months FREE! 2 months of lessons at a university level? That's an awesome gift for someone looking to expand their world!

Subscribe Today >>

32. Lonely Planet Guide Books

Lonely Planet is the leader in travel guides! They have absolutely everything covered in terms of destinations guides, things to do, where to visit and most importantly, budget details! They have a guide for every place and every type of traveller. Where is your travel buddy off to next? Get them a guide to help them out with the planning and inspiration! Here's my top Lonely Planet picks....

Lonely Planet Cambodia (Country Travel Guide)
The Best Place to be Today: 365 Things to do & the Perfect Day to do Them (Lonely Planet)
Lonely Planet Europe (Travel Guide)
Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel: Our List of the 500 Best Places to See... Ranked
Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2018

33. Amazon Gift Voucher

Get them a gift voucher to buy their own gear! Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what a traveller might need. Everybody's different! So this way they can choose exactly what it is they need, to take their travel game to the next level!

Grab An Amazon Gift Card Now >>

Best Travel Gifts - Tech Gear

34. Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch - $1250

Feel like getting them a present that will take not only their travels to the next level, but their entire life? Get together with a bunch of friends or family and all pitch in together. A great laptop will help them learn, teach and create faster and greater! My Macbook is something I need in my daily life. I cannot imagine trying to create and dream bigger without it

Buy Now >> 

35. Laptop Protection Case - $18

Travel buddy already have a laptop? Is it their baby that they simply can't live without? Does it weird you out how much an inanimate object means to a human? That's ok! Support them in their love of creation, documentation and all things tech! Protect the love of their life with this stylish laptop case!

Buy Now >>

36. iPhone Glass Protector - $7 - $30

I cannot live without these! They are the greatest investment I ever made! It's simply a piece of tempered glass that sticks onto the screen. So when you drop your phone, if anything smashes, it'll be the glass protector on top and not your iPhone. This has saved my hundreds of dollars in repairs! And if on the road, can truely be a lifesaver!

Buy Now >> 

37. World Map Silicon iPhone Cover - $13

I love silicone iPhone covers! They are super cheap and in my opinion, offer the best protection. Whenever i drop my phone, it just bounces. Also, these tend to give more protection on the very edges of your phone, right where the glass meets the frame, as it provides a lip above the level of the iPhone. Meaning ANY angle you drop your phone at, it is guaranteed to hit the rubber cover, not your phone.

Buy Now >>

38. Universal Power Adaptor - $22

This is a must! This all-in-one adapter means you can travel anywhere, with just one adaptor! Save time, money and space by keeping it simple!

Buy Now >>

39. Anker Power Bank - $30

Anker is a fantastic brand for power banks! Great quality and a great range to suit all needs! I would highly recommend investing a bit more money in a quality power bank. Cheap ones can be unreliable and burn out fast. Get your travelling pal the gift that keeps on giving! Great for long flights, train rides, crowded hostels and when travelling to remote areas!

Buy Now >>

40. GoPro Hero 7 - $399

This is the latest GoPro out and there's just no way GoPro can ever disappoint! The latest version comes with the recording power of the latest 4k technology and advanced image stabilisation - to make action and adventure filming even greater!

Buy Now >>

41. GoPro too expensive? Some say you are only paying for the brand name now, and with so many other options, if GoPro isn't in your budget, you have plenty of options to get you going. I use the SJCAM SJ5000x Elite, a cheaper alternative to the GoPro at just $110, and one I am incredibly happy with! A bonus is that the SJCAM comes with every accessory you could ever need + extra batteries! With GoPro, you need to buy everything separately, adding more expense.

Buy SJCAM SJ5000x Elite Now >>

42. Selfie Stick - $13

Any adventure calls for a good selfie! This is the stick I use and it's fantastic! I don't think it's necessary to pay the extra money for a Bluetooth Selfie Stick, so keep it simple and this way, you can use it underwater too!

Buy Now >>

43. Vicdozia Dome Port Lens - $50

Ever wonder how people get those incredible split shots in the water? Wonder no more! This is exactly how they do it! Simply put your action cam in the back and off you go. Take your photography and vlogging to the next level!

Buy Now >>

44. MeFOTO Aluminium Classic Roadtrip Tripod - $200

This tripod is perfect for any travel! It's strong, durable, incredibly versatile, professional and folds down to just over a foot in length!

Buy Now >>

45. Rotating Time-lapse Mount - $18

Tripod too boring for you? Take your videos to the next level with this small device! It's made from aluminium making it durable and great for cameras and action cameras. It uses a universal screw mount, meaning it can be attached to any other camera accessory if needed and runs up to 60 minutes! Great for a sunset shot! Small, durable, universal and a great price - the perfect travel gift!

Buy Now >>

46. Ollo Clip 4-in-1 Lens for iPhone - $80

Don't want to get a whole new camera? Already have an iPhone? This lens simply clips onto the top of your phone, allowing you to delve into all sorts of photography realms without spending the incredible amount of money on a new camera! Also, the clip is no bigger than the top of your phone, the amount of room it saves you compared to carrying around a large camera plus all the accessories that go along with it, makes it another perfect gift for any traveller!

Buy Now >>

47. Waterproof Phone Pouch - $15 for 2

Again, if your travelling super minimalistic, and your phone is everything - this pouch will be your best friend on adventures! Completely waterproof, this pouch allows you to use your phone underwater like any action cam - for an incredible fraction of the investment!

Buy Now >> 

48. Sennheiser PXC 550 Headphones - $300

A good quality pair of headphones will be priceless on long haul flights, trains, buses and road trips! Even in hostels, the gym and everyday activities, these will be your new best friend. These particular headphones are made for travellers! All of their features have kept a traveller's average day in mind. They are incredible in sound quality, durability, lightweight and have a fantastic battery life!

Buy Now >>

49. UE Roll 2 Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker - $80

This is by far the best portable speaker out on the market, ESPECIALLY for its price range! Incredible sound quality, waterproof, shockproof and size makes this speaker perfect for any traveller! Hiking, biking, camping, heading down to the beach, or travelling the world - it's prefect for any adventure!

Buy Now >>

50. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader - $120

This device is for anyone and everyone! Load your favourite books all onto one device and reduce space, weight and hassle! Glare-free screen, back lights and wifi-connectivity all make the kindle so easy to use! This is perfect for anybody who loves to read and loves to travel. It's just so simply perfect!

Buy Now >>

Give the gift of stories - Audible Audio books are a great travel gift

51. Audible Subscription - $15/month

I personally love podcasts more than i enjoy reading books. Because there's just something about listening to another humans voice, another persons story that you simply cannot get from just reading a book. Audible is a subscription service for Audio books. That way you can 'read' your favourite books anywhere, anytime! Listen to them on the train, in the car, on a plane, in a hostel, in a remote village in the middle of Nepal! You have so many options with Audible! Sign them up today with one these great titles....

The Power to Shape Your Destiny: Seven Strategies for Massive Results by Tony Robbins (2012-02-07)
Daring to Hope: Finding God's Goodness in the Broken and the Beautiful
Badass Your Brand: The Impatient Entrepreneur's Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit
The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living
Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

All opinions and views expressed in this guide are entirely my own. Affiliate links appear in this article. If you see something that interests you, please use these links. As it helps support my continued free content at no extra cost to you.


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