Money saving tips to start travelling

5 Money Saving Tips To Start Travelling

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5 Money saving tips to start travelling

Lately I've been working out how to save every little spare coin, cut down on costs and start planning for some more serious travelling. The biggest thing that will save you money, is saving time! Less of the hassle, less stress, leads to more time to plan the fun stuff! Here's the top 5 money saving tips to start travelling sooner and for longer!

Instead of wasting time jumping from site to site, comparing dozens even hundreds of different flights, times and routes, it's ALL in one spot!!! The App is the best part of Skyscanner. It's super easy to use, clear and you can change various details to get the flight exactly for you! Hop on over to see what great deals are on right now!

This site is Skyscanner's best friend and easily the number one of my money saving tips to start travelling. With literally ALL hotel sites listed here in one neat little search engine! This site saved us big time when we recently went to The World Travel Expo in Sydney. We thought we were getting an awesome limited time offer on a hotel in Kuala Lumpar... well, one search on Hotels Combined showed us we were better off booking direct! Don't waste more time searching for hotels from endless 'exclusive deal' sites. Time is money, tick tick!

Find the best deal with

Lonely Planet's website showcases its extensive library of exquisite, well-researched travel guides all at your fingertips. All guides can be purchased as paperbacks or digital ebooks. Because these guides are continually updated and proven as outstanding in their field, you'll be saving a tonne of time by referring to your Lonely Planet guide instead of again, searching site after site for the best food, sights and activities. Grab your destination guide before heading off, educate yourself on the flight or bus on route and be ready set to go when you arrive!

Get A Money Box

This has been my biggest self-disciplining tool and probably the easiest of my money saving tips to start travelling! Every time I spend a bit of cash and end up with coins, no matter what they are or how much they add up to, I pop them all into a money box, preferably one I can't open. I'm not going to miss 20c, $2, $4.... but it will add up after a few months to be my spending money for a trip away! Also because I can't open it, i'm not tempted to spend it on anything else!

Here's my top picks to keep those wanderlust juices flowing and keep you on track to your goals!!

Start a money box to save money and start travelling

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

This. Site. Is. Awesome! There's always odd bits and bobs that you'll want to purchase for your time away. Whether it be a new jacket, backpack, headphones, notepad, iPhone case, laptop charger.... the list goes on! Well, you can buy it ALL on this website. What makes it different?? You get PAID to shop! On Ebates, you shop as normal, paying normal prices, and then get cash back straight back into your bank account! It can not get better than that! Grab those essentials and not feel guilty!

Do you have a money saving tip to share? Let me know in the comments!

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