Old town of Dubrovnik from the lookout

24 Hours in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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How To Spend 24 Hours In Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia, was a wonderful step back in time. A splash of class and a dash of medieval history, gives this city it's character. This lucky city has landed straight back onto my bucket list! I enjoyed every second of my 24 hour mini adventure here, but it definitely wasn't enough! Here's my taste test of Dubrovnik, hopefully just enough to stir the wanderlust and get you booking the next European Skyscanner Weekly Deals! Here's our snippet of the absolute best things to do with 24 hours in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Top Things To Do In Dubrovnik, Croatia

Bell tower in Dubrovnik
with 24 hours in Dubrovnik, be sure to explore the back streets

Old Town Dubrovnik

Beautiful winding pavements of Pizza and Nautical colours of blue and white, await you inside the city walls. An earthquake in the 1700's and a recent war has shaped this city to become what you see today. The walls themselves can be explored, via a guided tour or a self-guided ticket. 

Old town walls of Dubrovnik

Onofrio's Fountain

The main entrance to the city leads you over a moat, down a ramp and popping out into a large square. Complete with a large water fountain. Onofrio's Fountain was commissioned by a wealthy politician to provide all civilians with clean drinking water and you can still drink from it today. Can you spot the dog? This dog is said to have watched over the fountain many years ago, protecting people from the evils that lurk in the shadows. This statue represents him, as his watchful playful eyes keep a lookout for any pick pockets wandering near.

With only 24 hours in Dubrovnik, be sure to check out Onofrios Fountain
Onofrios Fountain in Dubrovnik
With only 24 hours in Dubrovnik, be sure to check out Onofrios Fountain

Town Hall Pharmacy

The oldest Pharmacy in Europe can be found in this square, still functioning today. Operating right next door to the Pharmacy museum, stop in to grab a piece of history! Curtis and I obviously could not contain our nerdy little selves.... 

Oldest Pharmacy in Dubrovnik
Oldest Pharmacy in Dubrovnik

Myths & Legends

Being such an old city, there's many rumours and myths that go along with its many quirks. A step can be found on the front wall of the building in front of the fountain. It is said that any lady who can jump onto it, stand and can hold their arms out straight, and any man who can jump on and remain standing while taking off and putting back on his shirt, will be lucky in love. Good luck....

Step on the side of the church wall
Old church of Dubrovnik
Drains in Dubrovnik

Another bizarre myth is that if you step into the small canals running all throughout the city, you will have bad luck in marriage... woops! 

Best Activities with 24 Hours in Dubrovnik

There's so much to do in this city! Walking tours, sunset cruises, semi submarine rides, and kayaking tours are all a great way to get a unique view of the city. We went with the kayaking tour, which was 220 Kuna, including a water bottle and a sandwich. Make sure to pack your waterproof camera and GoPro for this one! We went all the way out to a cave, where cliff diving and sun baking were a good break for our tired arms. 

Kayaking in Dubrovnik
Statue in Dubrovnik

Food To Eat In Dubrovnik

24 Hours in Dubrovnik, means you need to eat at some point! With over 300 restaurants, cafes and bars in this city, you certainly won't go hungry! But as with most of Europe, eating on the go at small bakeries or grabbing single slices of pizza is a great cheap alternative! Plus it means more time for exploring!

With only 24 hours in Dubrovnik, If you're looking to splash out, and for the best view in the whole city, Restaurant 360 is the place to check out. A bit pricey, but go on, treat yo' self!

If you only have 24 hours in Dubrovnik, be sure to try some traditional sweets!

Original Orphanage

The cities old orphanage can still be seen today. A wonderful piece of history detailed in our guided walking tour: 
Maids were banned from having babies and therefore had to give them up. In the wall of the orphanage used to be a turn table style basket, where the baby would be placed and pushed into the orphanage. A coin or a similar item would be broken in half, one half kept with the baby and the other with the mother. As the child turned 6, the maids would be allowed to return and collect them.

Original Orphanage in Dubrovnik

Oldest Graffiti 

The oldest piece of graffiti in the city can be found on the wall of an old monastery. From a time when children were out being kids, it details the harassment a priest faced during his siesta. Some teenage boys would play soccer outside of his bedroom window and as a deterrent, he scribbled the documentation on the wall. The size of this soccer pitch is the original size that the game of soccer was based on.

Oldest Graffiti in the world in Dubrovnik

Price Of Things In Dubrovnik

This city is quite reasonably priced for a main city. We were surprised as to how clean it was too. Having a main port for so many tourist activities, it was nice to see crystal clear ocean, and happy little fishes swimming all around the boats. The air was fresh and sun was warm. It was a real European dream walking the cobbled streets here...

Boats in the harbour of Dubrovnik

The Best View Of The City

For 120 Kuna hop on The Dubrovnik Cable Car which takes you to the very top of the hill, to Panorama Restaurant. It is a little pricey, and obviously very fancy, but splurge a little and enjoy a cocktail with a view, after a full day exploring! This is the best thing to do in Dubrovnik! And with only 24 hours in Dubrovnik, you cannot miss it!

Old town of Dubrovnik from the lookout
Coastline of Dubrovnik
If you only have 24 hours in Dubrovnik, be sure to check out the Museum!

Check It Out At Night

As with most cities, the comparison between day and night is an absolute must do! Everything lights up and seems to be a little fancier. Enjoy the summer night air and get that extra special view of your favourite monument. 

And of course, most importantly, don't forget to get lost! Enjoy your time! Take the side, back and long roads, as the journey is so much more than the destination!

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What's your favourite part of Croatia?

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