Photo that will make you want to visit Budva, Montenegro

17 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Budva, Montenegro

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17 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Budva Montenegro

Budva, Montenegro was a nice little slice of coastal luxury. Quaint, with rich culture and clear history. Incredibly pristine waters, with cocktail & sundae bars over looking lines of luxury yachts. A wonderful little Mediterranean wonderland, with a nice italian spin. Delve into these photos of a tiny paradise, that's landed straight back onto our bucket list the second we stepped off the bus. Budva, Montenegro...

Photo Diary Of Budva, Montenegro

Bell tower in Montenegro
Photos that will make you want to visit Budva, Montenegro

On our European Adventure, we passed through Albania after Greece. It is the only stop where I have no photos. I can say I've now been there but have no desire to ever return. It was a strange experience stumbling upon such a third-world country in the middle of luxury, pristine and well-structured surrounding democracies. Montenegro was like a huge gasp of fresh air as we raced out of the polluted, corrupted neighbours yard. My vision of this delightful little slice of paradise is probably somewhat jaded for this reason. ​ But I don't for a second care! I loved every moment of the few hours we got to spend here!

Back streets of Budva, Montenegro
Back streets of Budva, Montenegro

A cobblestone maze of bars, boutique shops and small churches, every inch drenched in rich clear history. A real step back in time, and a taste of where 'shabby-chic' may have originated from.

Bell tower in Budva
Old archway in Budva

The main church clock tower can be heard each hour.

Bell tower and church in Budva
Old building
Bell tower in Budva

Unfortunately it seemed the only way to swim in the crystal clear waters were via private beaches, which of course charged to go on. Lucky photos were free!

Photo of the ocean that will make you want to visit Budva
Street performer in Budva
Photo that will make you want to visit Budva, Montenegro
Old tree in Budva

A street busker added a lovely chime to the atmosphere. I imagined this dead tree in the middle of the square, to have had a colourful past, what a story it could tell!

Cliff face in Montenegro
Ocean shoreline of Budva

The luxury liners complimented the mansions we could see on the distant hills, nicely. My there's some serious money to be had....

Luxury boats in Budva, Montenegro
Luxury boats in Budva, Montenegro

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