Tuncurry Nine Mile Beach Lookout in Forster NSW Australia

10 Reasons To Visit Forster This Weekend

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10 Reasons To Visit Forster NSW Australia

Forster NSW Australia, a pristine paradise in the middle of the Barrington Coast, I love calling mine. My home, my happy place, my freedom to explore and discover as long as the sun shines bright!
This clean, clear stretch of coastline is humble. It is complacent with remaining undiscovered and unspoiled. I urge you to come enjoy it's wonders. Take part in a treasure hunt of its greatest hidden gems. With stunning natural environments, abundant numbers of Australian wildlife, will you also allow yourself to be re-discovered?
A beach, a walking track, a luxury retreat.... whatever your heart yearns for, a weekend in Forster-Tuncurry will over-deliver!

Visit Forster NSW Australia This Weekend - The Barrington Coast Gem

No.1 The Beaches

If you only need one reason to visit Forster, this is it! Forster & the greater Mid North Coast boasts some of the cleanest beaches on the East Coast of Australia! Many, such as Burgess and Lighthouse Beach, are only discoverable via bush walk or 4WD. Main beaches such as Forster and One Mile Beach are patrolled in peak season.
Then we have the pure unique, such as Celito and Shelly Beach that just need to be experienced to be believed. With pure coastal rainforest and bushland surrounding all, you will be utterly spoilt. 
Don't like the crowds? Head to the shore outside of peak season. I've spent this year exploring and photographing the coastline, with 90% of the time finding the beach all to myself! Grab a blanket, umbrella and a good book - you'll be refreshed any time of year!

Celito Beach near Forster NSW Australia

2. National Parks

The Mid North Coast is home to several National Parks. Including Myall Lakes, Mungo Brush and Booti Booti National Parks. These are all home to a colourful array of environments. Sand dunes, lakes, marshes, 'old' rainforest and coastal bushland can all be found mixed together to form a tie-dye of Australian native flora and fauna. Pick a spot, sit back and listen to the trees. How many creatures can you hear playing around you? Can you spot any Kangaroos, Koalas or Echidnas? With all the favourites calling my home, their own, you will be soon greeted if you stay still long enough. Fresh salt air through the Eucalypt is a happy place my soul calls for often. With hundreds of spots I can enjoy this sensory re-boot, I am spoiled everyday.

Looking up at Grandis the tallest tree in NSW

3. Great Weather

Forster has beautiful weather all year round. This winter has not brought a single frost. Barrington Tops has enjoyed a few sprinkles of snow, but by the time you reach the shores of Forster it has warmed up to a balmy 20-something degrees. The weekends have been clear, fresh and full of sunshine. With Sydney only being 4 hours away, why wait for summertime to visit Forster? Come anytime of year for a getaway!

Tuncurry Nine Mile Beach Lookout in Forster NSW Australia

4. Variety In Accommodation

With peak season bringing thousands to this coastal town, the array of accommodation styles are guaranteed to satisfy you in some way! From caravan parks to camping grounds. Motels, hotels and hostels. Airbnb rooms and 6 bedroom mansions by the water. Looking for a retreat? We have plenty of those too! Luxury hideaways such as Sugarloaf Lighthouse & Bombah Point Eco Cottages offer a private escape like no other! 
Whether you're looking for comfort, budget, all-in-one, homely or absolute basic, you are again spoiled for choice here!

Assistant keepers cottage north at Sugarloaf Lighthouse Accommodation

5. Whale Watching in Forster

This is by far the greatest reason for visiting Forster during 'off' season. We have some of the clearest waters on the Barrington Coast. We have some of the best points, lookouts and 'heads' to view the passing parade. We also have the best Whale Watching company - Amaroo Whale Watching Cruises Forster. A weekend in Forster-Tuncurry isn't complete until you jump on board!
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Whale Tail out of water in Forster

6. Snorkeling

If you'd rather swim with the Dolphins and Marine life than just watch it pass by (which I am totally in agreeance with) - we also have some of the best diving and snorkelling on the East Coast of Australia. Being much warmer than Jervis Bay Marine Park, less touristy (and alive, untouched and unbleached) than the Great Barrier Reef, Forster is the perfect medium. If you can bear the cooler months, you'll have most of the ocean all to yourself. Come during summer and you'll be spoiled with schools of fish in the waves around you.

Dolphins in Forster NSW Australia

7. Fantastic Dining

Forster has everything your mouth could water for!
Reef Bar and Grill for incredible Pizza and an even better view!
Spice Monkey is an asian fusion restaurant that will blow your socks off with taste and creativity! They also share Reef's fantastic view. 
Aztec Mexican is by far the best Mexican food I have ever eaten. Massive meals, authentic flavours and majority of the menu is gluten free. Jump on their happy hour and Taco Tuesdays for the best meal in Forster!
Kingfisher Cafe at Bluey's Beach is an absolute stand out! I have never eaten such good, wholesome, real, passion filled food! Let Caroline & Dave whisk you away in their authentic flavours from our local farmers. There's a new menu every week to compliment the fresh and seasonal produce. 
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8. Artisan & Farmers Markets

With at least one great market every weekend, you'll have no problem finding the best local produce to spoil your tastebuds!
From Nabiac, Blackhead and Forster Farmer's market, they all boast quality, fresh and local treasures! For the full list and seasonal times, visit MidCoast Council's website

Markets in Forster NSW Australia

9. Pristine Waterways

Whether you enjoy the calmness of the Lakes and rivers, or the power of the waves, the water here is like nowhere else. It's clean, fresh and full of life. We have national award winning Oyster farms and Fishing Co-ops. Our local Fish and Chip Takeaway 'Beach St Seafoods' won Best Fish and Chip Shop in NSW Australia 2018! The whole State! That's an impressive title I'm going to be telling every visitor of ours this Summer.
There's water activities galore! From Boat hire, kayaking, Stand up paddle boarding, fishing, snorkelling, whale watching or just swimming, you won't be bored!
Find a private beach or riverbank for quiet time. Enjoy the patrolled beaches in summer to feel safe and free. The coastline consistently spoils all its visitors. Think that Thailand, Queensland, Bali or The Phillipines boasts incredible beauty? Forster easily beats all those destinations! I give you my honest, tried and tested opinion!

Ladies whale watching in Forster NSW
Dark Point Sand Dunes NSW Australia

10. Did I Mention You'll Be Spoiled?

You have endless choices when you visit Forster! Adventure or relaxation? Serenity or Adrenaline? Marine life or Australian Bush creatures? Visit Forster and you can go with whatever your heart chooses. Spend a week on the beach, spend a week exploring the rainforest, spend a week scouting Native wildlife, spend a week paddle boarding and kayaking or spend a week eating the best fresh, local produce you have ever tried!
Whatever it is your heart and soul yearn for, Forster has it.

Escape the 9-5 stresses. Escape the city smoke and noise pollution. Be caressed by the salt air and fill your lungs with new life. Be re-envigorated and refreshed. Enjoy the serenity and nothing but the sounds of the waves. Waves are too gentle? What about the splashing of humpback whales and playful Dolphins? Bet that's a sound you'll leave hearing in your memory for years to come. 

Forster is only a short drive from Sydney. It's the perfect weekend Getaway. It's a wonderful pick-me-up during the dreary winter months. A refreshing retreat to re-boot the system and re-discover yourself. Find the love for life again. 
Whatever it is you need, Forster will give you.  

Small Bird near Forster NSW Australia
The Tanks swimming spot in Forster

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