Whale Tail out of water in Forster

10 Best Whale Watching Spots In Forster NSW Australia

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10 Best Whale Watching Spots In Forster NSW Australia

The Mid North Coast of NSW Australia is the most pristine stretch of coastline I have ever experienced. The abundance of wildlife is clear anywhere you go. From the land to the sea, the Barrington Coast region simply doesn't disappoint. It gives gives gives, leaving you still wanting more. Including the best Whale Watching spots in Forster.

Best Whale Watching In New South Wales

Perfect weather, perfect oceans and perfect beaches, don't underestimate this piece of paradise, Forster-Tuncurry, as simply a 'summer only' getaway. Throughout the entire year, The Great Lakes offers nothing but serenity. With Whale Watching Season booming in recent years, this is by far the best place to watch the parade in NSW (my opinion of my home town, being in no way bias at all 😉 ). With so many spots to choose from, here is a full list of the absolute best whale watching spots in Forster. Pick any spot on this list and you'll be mesmerised by these gentle giants. Grab a coffee, sunrise background, a loved one, sit back and enjoy the show!

Whale Watching Season In NSW Australia

Whale Watching season is an annual event where Whales migrate north to give birth to calves in warmer waters. We start seeing Whales as they head north from late April to August. Whales then start their journey southwards from around September to November. The later the season, the greater chance you will see calves.

1. Amaroo Whale Watching Cruises Forster

Easily taking first place in this list is Amaroo Cruises. Guaranteed sightings during Whale season or your money back, you can't go wrong. Commentary of the areas heritage and natural abundance is something I'd jump on board for alone. Morning tea is supplied as part of the ticket price. During the 'off' season, this cruise still runs regularly as a Dolphin cruise from Forster. A wonderfully large pod of Dolphins calls Forster-Tuncurry their permanent home. With great weather even through the winter, this is still a fantastic day out. I have been blown away by my day on board every single time. Amaroo Whale Watching Cruises beats any whale watching in Sydney! An icon of Forster, Amaroo Cruises simply can't disappoint.

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Best whale watching in Forster is on Amaroo Cruises NSW Australia
Lady Whale watching in Forster
Whale Underwater in Forster NSW Australia

2. Tuncurry Beach (Nine Mile Beach)

Tuncurry Beach is the largest stretch of beach in the area. Making it a real-life wide screen for the show. With fantastic surfing, a permanent family of Dolphins at the southern end and undisturbed views for miles, this spot easily takes second place on our list for the best whale watching spots in Forster.

Whale Watching in Forster NSW Australia
Tuncurry Nine Mile Beach
Tuncurry Nine Mile Beach Lookout in Forster NSW Australia

3. Forster Break Wall

Pick either the Tuncurry or Forster side, you get a great vantage point on this wall. Jutting out passed the neighbouring beaches, any passing Whales won't be missed. A wonderful highlight of this particular patch is the permanent family of Bottle-nosed Dolphins that call the mouth of the channel home. So literally all year round, any day of the week, you are guaranteed to see a large ocean-dwelling mammal of some type. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Can any other town in NSW promise that?

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Break wall at Forster NSW Australia
Forster Breakwall
Dolphins in Forster NSW Australia

4. Pilot Hill Lookout

Pilot Hill looks over Tuncurry Beach, the Breakwall and Forster Main Beach. Giving a great view out above the waves. There are seats up here, so take your time enjoying the view of the Barrington Coast! For one of the more quieter spots for Whale Watching in Forster NSW, you can't go passed this little park.

Pilot Head lookout, Forster, NSW, Australia
Forster break wall from Pilot Head lookout
Pilot Head Information Board Forster NSW
Seat at Pilot Head Lookout

5. Forster Main Beach

This beach has literally everything. Perfect sunrises, perfect beach conditions - grab a perfect coffee from Beach Bums Cafe and enjoy the view. With Dolphins riding the front waves and Whales breaching on the horizon, nothing beats a morning on Forster Main Beach.

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Whale Tail out of water in Forster

6. Second Head Reserve

This lookout is above Forster Main Beach. It is accessible via the coastline walk or by driving up. The carpark at the very top makes it a wonderful spot for a winter picnic. Sit in the car, heater cranked with some fish and chips and let the show begin! There's also a huge family of Magpies that call this reserve home. Feeding them only encourages them so try and just ignore their antics.

Second Head Reserve lookout Forster NSW Australia
Whale watching at Second Head Lookout
Second Head Reserve Carpark Forster NSW Australia

7. Bennetts Head

A wonderful walk through coastal bushland along the cliffs, looking down to the turquoise waves below. This headland has 3 lookouts to choose from. Enjoy a morning stroll before the afternoon wind picks up.

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Humpback Whale in Forster NSW Australia
Best Whale watching from Bennetts Head NSW Australia
Whale watching from Bennetts Head NSW Australia

8. One Mile Beach

This beach always makes me feel good. With amazing rock pools to explore on the south end and a magnificent sand dune to enjoy on the northern end, this beach is simply fun! Patrolled in the summer, this beach is a great alternative if Forster Main Beach is too crowded. Guaranteed to see Dolphins here any day of the year, the Whales on the horizon are the cherry on top of the cake.

One Mile Beach, Forster, NSW, Australia
One Mile Beach Forster NSW Australia
Ladies whale watching in Forster NSW
Whale Watching from One Mile Beach, Forster, NSW, Australia

9. Cape Hawke

Cape Hawke Lookout is a wonderful natural peninsula, higher than any other viewing point on this list. It is a bit of a hike to the top, but absolutely worth every step for the incredible Whale Watching reward! See right out over One mile, across to Tuncurry and then back along Wallis lake. The views up here are simply unrivalled. My latest visit included 4 Whales, in just 20 minutes! Their spouts being a tell tale giveaway of their location. A breaching splash being something I'm never prepared for, acting like a kid in a candy store every time I view it!

Beware of the Cape Hawke Mosquitoes
This tiny patch of bush reserve is renowned for its horrendous amount of Mosquitoes that live here all year round. Be sure to COVER yourself in Insect Repellant before setting up the track.

Booti Booti National Park, Cape Hawke, NSW Australia
Whale watching from Cape Hawke lookout

No. 10 of the Best Whale Watching Spots In Forster - Sugarloaf Point

Sugarloaf Point is about 1 hour south of Forster, but is well worth the drive. This point sticks out further than any other on this list. Meaning, any Whales passing along the Barrington Coast are so close you feel you could go down to the beach and join them. Pack a picnic and enjoy the non-stop highway of Whales all day long. Surrounded by untouched National Parkland, this point is a destination of its own.

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Whale breaching off Sugarloaf Point, NSW Australia

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