About Mikayla Jane



I grew up just outside Sydney, Australia, but now live with my incredibly patient, handsome, caring partner, Pharmacist Curtis. We call Forster, NSW, Australia our home now. I'm incredibly lucky to call pure paradise my home and I try my hardest to rub it in. Check out my Instagram.

Chocolate is my biggest weakness. Hidden talent: Singing. I'm constantly learning, I need to. I love being intellectually challenged. If I don't understand, I'll persist and push until I do. All my interests stem from a passion to teach, share and build financial, and ultimate independence in this life. I'm stubborn. One word to sum me up: Passionate.

I'm loud and proud. You can hear me a mile away. All my life I've been told it's my greatest disadvantage and 'To be quiet'. Oh no, this girl is not quietening down anytime soon! Instead, i've learnt how to boost my voice further, higher and grander. Projecting only positivity and honesty. That's the key difference here. I will not sugar coat any of my experiences, tales or tips. You will get the juicy exciting truth. Whether it be everyday life, responsible travel tips, reviews on travel goodies or cities.... you will know the full extent of my opinion. So to all of my childhood teachers - Yep! I sure am opinionated! But thank you for allowing me the time to practise and craft my voice for good.

My family has always travelled. My father travelled the world for a living, teaching. At age 20, with 2 weeks notice, I packed up all my belongings and moved to Cambodia to work and live for 12 months. Why not? Was my thinking, and has now been the path I follow. I've travelled to over 25 countries in the last 3 years and have grown into a worldly woman, slowly redesigning my lifestyle to fit my dreams.