“If not us, who? If not now, when?”
– John F. Kennedy

10 Things I've Learned In Practising Yoga |

10 Things I’ve Learned In Practising Yoga

Every week after I click ‘publish’ I toddle down to Forster Yoga Studio. Somedays I’m keen, other days I know I just need that time in a sacred place to ...
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13 Motivational Quotes For Travellers |

13 Motivational Quotes For Travellers

We all sometimes need that gentle reminder we're on the right path. A kick up the bum to continue our journey towards our dreams! A nudge in the right direction ...
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Book Review of Rebirth by Kamal Ravikant |

Review: ‘Rebirth’ by Kamal Ravikant

This week a book arrived via Australia Post that answered many questions, i did not truely know needed answering. This book was a wonderful awakener. I needed it. It's a ...
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The Low Point of Blogging and How To Improve Your Entrepreneurial Mindset |

The Low-Point of Blogging and How to Improve Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

As I lay holding onto Curtis, tears streaming down my face, I just simply could not control myself 'You've had such a negative mindset today, what's going on?' 'I... Don't ...
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The Reason I Won't Be Receiving A Valentine's Day Gift This Year |

The Reason I Won’t Be Receiving A Valentine’s Day Gift This Year

Growing up as a hormone filled teenage girl, I saw Valentine's Day as the pinnacle of romance. I wanted nothing more than my secret (or not so) admirer to send ...
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Touch Wood... |

Touch Wood…

Touch wood I don't die tomorrow. Touch wood I don't ever become a paraplegic. Touch wood my mother never has the burden of burying her own daughter.But what if it ...
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When Life Doesn't Go As Planned |

When life doesn’t go as planned…

I had a plan. A big glorious plan. I had a timeline, mind map and budget all set out for this plan. My head was high, my heart was strong ...
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Goodbye Camden... |

Goodbye Camden

Last week I said goodbye to the one place I can truely associate with the word home, Camden. Growing up here, I really feel connected to the community. A few days in ...
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What On Earth Made You Go To Cambodia?! |

What On Earth Made You Go To Cambodia?!

​My travelling toes wiggled young. Jumping (ok being wheeled in a pram...) onto my first plane at just 9 months old. My family have always travelled but when I was ...
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