Top General Travel Tips

Top General Travel Tips

The Absolute Best Travel Tips

Whether you're a seasoned, fresh, confident, weary, young, mature, single, prepared or last minute traveller, everybody can do with a little piece of advice. Here's a few of my tips I hope you can benefit from....

Get an Oversized Travel Wallet

One that holds all travel documents, tickets, insurance, your passport and foreign currency in one place. It keeps everything together, neatly and makes stressful airport hours, much smoother.
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Travel Insurance

Biggest. Investment. Ever! This is one of those things you need, but hope to never use. If you don't have any, don't even pack your bags, it is just simply not worth it! Any company affiliated with travel will offer some kind of travel insurance, so it's super easy to find a plan that suits you.

Take a Credit Card

I got my first Credit Card as a just in case for my first trip to Borneo. Again, you may never need to use it (if you've saved enough) but if anything goes wrong, this is a quick fix that can get you out of many nasty/emergency situations. Lost ticket, wrong ticket, extra hotel stays, bus/train/airplane tickets, even food, you're insurance should cover most emergency situations, but it won't happen quickly. This will either be a life saver or a nice handy little luxury to get that super nice jacket in Paris.... Either way, get yourself one before you leave.

Tissues / Serviettes

Stock up! Keep a few travel size packets in amongst different compartments of your luggage. If you run out or forget, grab a handful of serviettes from the next cafe/restaurant you go to. They come in handy for cleaning, sickness, wrapping up important keep sakes and most importantly toilet paper! Most Asian countries do not use toilet paper, so you will need your own. Camping & public restrooms are other places where you'll need to keep them handy.

Zip up pockets & bags

Any pocket you are going to put your valuables in should be zip up. If you can't zip it, don't put anything valuable in there. Any bags you carry should have no open / drawstring pockets either. If it's ย easy for you to access something, it's even easier for a pick-pocket, or for it to simply fall out.
bags packed in paris france travel tip



I've worked in Pharmacy for a while and my partner is a Pharmacist, so this point is alot more paramount and obvious for me... Please take a bag of 'just in cases'. Including these 5 must have things -
Band Aids, Panadol (Paracetamol), Gastro stop, Hydralyte and Vitamin C tablets. ALL of these items i guarantee you will use.
Band aids is pretty obvious as to why.
Panadol for any injuries, hangovers or fevers.
Gastro Stop for the dreaded 'Bali belly' which can easily occur anywhere you travel due to new foods and stress.
Hydralyte goes hand in hand with the gastro stop. It gives your body energy during dehydration or illness, so it can be drunk during hangovers, stomach bugs, cold and flus, or even just during a long day of walking.
Vitamin C should be taken everyday with your morning coffee to help your body fight against any nasties.
โ€‹All are small, light and you will be thanking yourself all trip long. Above all, double check any personal medication that you may need to take extra of (the pill, prescription medication etc.) map of europe travel tip

Don't let the odd name fool you, this is the Best. App. EVER! For one very simple reason - it uses no data or wifi, purely GPS tracking! This means you don't need any sim, reception, wifi, or expensive data plans! Simply download the maps you'll need before you leave, then off you go! It's super accurate, fast and clear. You only download the maps you need, so it doesn't take up much space on your device, if you need more room, simply delete an old map. I've used this app in over 20 countries and have found it a lot more reliable than Google maps. The only improvement it could have, is it isn't very good with searching street numbers (specific houses/ shop fronts). Download it now and never get lost again! (although where's the fun in that ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Fill up at breakfast

Most hotels/hostels have buffet style breakfasts, usually included in a nights stay, or for a small price on top. Take advantage of it! Even pack a small morning/afternoon snack. This will save you loads of time and money and you won't be as hungry throughout the day.

Keep an empty drink bottle on hand

Have one on you all the time! Most main attractions have drinking fountains where you can fill it up during the day. You can then also fill it at any public restroom, restaurant or hostel. At airports, you can take empty bottles through customs and fill it up on the other side, saving you the agony of dehydration on a flight.
mikayla jane travels having coffee and breakfast in paris france europe travel tip


Wifi & airplane mode

Wifi is EVERYWHERE these days, I even rode tuk-tuks in Cambodia with their own hotspots! But, make sure when out exploring, to turn your phone onto airplane mode. Walking around all day with your phone on roaming, can chew up battery life and in some cases, data. I usually just turn my phone off completely to avoid any hassles.
walking the cobbled streets in london uk travel tip


Comfortable walking shoes

Do not ever underestimate how important this item is in your luggage. Whether you're in Asia, Australia, Europe or Fiji.... the wrong footwear can destroy a trip! Blisters, infections and pain is not exactly on my to-do list when travelling. I chose my shoes from Williams (Australia), unfortunately my style is no longer available, but their 2016 version is just as stylish and versatile. ย Another fantastic pair I would recommend areย from Homy Ped (Australia). Stylish, comfortable & durable - a must have!
comfortable walking shoes sandals from williams australia travel tip

comfortable walking shoes sandals from homy per australia travel tip


Baby wipes

Probably my most used item in my luggage, and the one I miss the most when I forget to pack them.... Baby wipes. They are so versatile! I can find 100 uses for these while travelling. They clean any surface, are great for 'waterless showers' and are great for sensitive skin!
There's 2 big reasons why i always take them and don't buy them once at my destination:
1) Baby wipes are bloody expensive everywhere else I've ever travelled! I'm guessing cos they're either seen as a luxury in poorer countries, or an absolute necessity for families in others, companies hike up the prices. Where in Australia, you can bulk buy them cheaper than chips!
2) I mainly use them as a substitute for Makeup Removal wipes, again, have you seen the price of those??? $6.99 for a pack of 20 wipes.... pfft! I don't care what extraordinary extract is in them, baby wipes all the way!
ย  ย 

One drop deodoriser

This is a game changer. This has saved my life. I will never travel without this little bottle of gold! It's tiny, light and easy. In literally ONE drop it eliminates any odour! Ever been stuck in that awkward situation where you're praying to god no one enters your shared dorm bathroom after you? Fear no more! This little beauty will take care of it for you. It also doesn't leave any 'tell tale' cover smell like those lovely lavender aerosols do..... you fixed the problem but everybody still knows.... this even eliminates that worry! sigh.... how did i ever live without you!

Stay Positive!

No one's perfect. No situation in life is ever perfect. Don't ever be too hard on yourself. Things go wrong, we all make mistakes, and a lot of the time there is nothing else we can do but go 'oh well, moving on!' Smile, appreciate and be humble. Remember all that you have, the love, the support and the strong healthy feet that you stand firmly on! You can do anything, absolutely anything. Chin up and ride the waves of adventure!
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  1. Great info, Makayla!

  2. Hi Caren! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have too! It was a clear investment for me before our European Adventure, and am very very glad i did!

  3. Fantastic Mikayla, very good advice

  4. OMG This was so helpful for me. I’m travelling Europe with Scott over New Years and I loved this ๐Ÿ˜„

  5. Great advice! I’ve destroyed my days and feet by not wearing good footwear, so I strongly believe in that tip to invest in a good pair of shoes.

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